k3sup - 0.13.2

New commands:

  • k3sup plan - generate an installation script across multiple nodes
  • k3sup node-token - fetch the server's node-token for efficient joining of many nodes

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Changelog for 0.13.2:
* PR #416 Add plan command node-token command by @alexellis

bb4baf407e14b483f365fd7711def285e96370a6 Add notes to README for k3sup plan by @alexellis
48c82b39d09918328937d34baebfaeafe6272ed4 Use node-token from an env-var instead of a file by @alexellis
8c01ffb5c19e574aef74b80030e47b83c6b27682 Use an env-var for the node-token instead of a file by @alexellis
bee8462b33759931962029f8a829481d35ef7827 Update examples for k3sup plan by @alexellis
7ac93b82b974cb3cca3269563dda4dc57d5866da Move temporary file deletion into a defer by @alexellis
2382066526644e888a555c36bb9a2bf57d883c00 Add plan and node-token commands by @alexellis
3a02867118ea1ed26d9c13c9872c355153b9169c Fix typo by @alexellis
863a0edc5856b879047c07c27b395b6e6c41f7fa Alteration to support message by @alexellis

Changes: https://github.com/alexellis/k3sup/compare/0.13.1...0.13.2

Generated by Derek


Oct. 27, 2023, 11:23 a.m.
Add plan command node-token command
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