k3s - v1.25.5+k3s1

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.25.5, and fixes a number of issues.

Breaking Change: K3s no longer includes swanctl and charon binaries. If you are using the ipsec flannel backend, please ensure that the strongswan swanctl and charon packages are installed on your node before upgrading K3s to this release.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.25.4+k3s1:

  • Fix log for flannelExternalIP use case (#6531)
  • Fix Carolines github id (#6464)
  • Github CI Updates (#6522)
  • Add new prefer-bundled-bin experimental flag (#6420)
  • Added new prefer-bundled-bin flag which force K3s to use its bundle binaries over that of the host tools
  • Bump containerd to v1.6.10 (#6512)
  • The embedded containerd version has been updated to v1.6.10-k3s1
  • Stage the Traefik charts through k3s-charts (#6519)
  • Make rootless settings configurable (#6498)
  • The rootless port-driver, cidr, mtu, enable-ipv6, and disable-host-loopback settings can now be configured via environment variables.
  • Remove stuff which belongs in the windows executor implementation (#6517)
  • Mark v1.25.4+k3s1 as stable (#6534)
  • Add prefer-bundled-bin as an agent flag (#6545)
  • Bump klipper-helm and klipper-lb versions (#6549)
  • The embedded Load-Balancer controller image has been bumped to klipper-lb:v0.4.0, which includes support for the LoadBalancerSourceRanges field.
  • The embedded Helm controller image has been bumped to klipper-helm:v0.7.4-build20221121
  • Switch from Google Buckets to AWS S3 Buckets (#6497)
  • Fix passing AWS creds through Dapper (#6567)
  • Fix artifact upload with aws s3 cp (#6568)
  • Disable CCM metrics port when legacy CCM functionality is disabled (#6572)
  • The embedded cloud-controller-manager's metrics listener on port 10258 is now disabled when the --disable-cloud-controller flag is set.
  • Sync packaged component Deployment config (#6552)
  • Deployments for K3s packaged components now have consistent upgrade strategy and revisionHistoryLimit settings, and will not override scaling decisions by hardcoding the replica count.
  • The packaged metrics-server has been bumped to v0.6.2
  • Mark secrets-encryption flag as GA (#6582)
  • Bump k3s root to v0.12.0 and remove strongswan binaries (#6400)
  • The embedded k3s-root version has been bumped to v0.12.0, based on buildroot 2022.08.1.
  • The embedded swanctl and charon binaries have been removed. If you are using the ipsec flannel backend, please ensure that the strongswan swanctl and charon packages are installed on your node before upgrading k3s.
  • Update flannel to v0.20.2 (#6588)
  • Add ADR for security bumps automation (#6559)
  • Update node12->node16 based GH actions (#6593)
  • Updating rel docs (#6237)
  • Update install.sh to recommend current version of k3s-selinux (#6453)
  • Update to v1.25.5-k3s1 (#6622)
  • Bump containerd to v1.6.12-k3s1 (#6631)
  • The embedded containerd version has been bumped to v1.6.12
  • Preload iptable_filter/ip6table_filter (#6646)

Embedded Component Versions

| Component | Version |
| Kubernetes | v1.25.5 |
| Kine | v0.9.6 |
| SQLite | 3.39.2 |
| Etcd | v3.5.3-k3s1 |
| Containerd | v1.6.12-k3s1 |
| Runc | v1.1.4 |
| Flannel | v0.20.2 |
| Metrics-server | v0.6.2 |
| Traefik | v2.9.4 |
| CoreDNS | v1.9.4 |
| Helm-controller | v0.13.1 |
| Local-path-provisioner | v0.0.23 |

Helpful Links

As always, we welcome and appreciate feedback from our community of users. Please feel free to:
- Open issues here
- Join our Slack channel
- Check out our documentation for guidance on how to get started or to dive deep into K3s.
- Read how you can contribute here


Dec. 20, 2022, 11:11 p.m.
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