k3s - v1.24.14+k3s1

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.24.14, and fixes a number of issues.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.24.13+k3s1:

  • Add E2E testing in Drone (#7376)
  • Add integration tests for etc-snapshot server flags (#7379)
  • CLI + Config Enhancement (#7407)
  • --Tls-sans now accepts multiple arguments: --tls-sans="foo,bar"
  • Prefer-bundled-bin: true now works properly when set in config.yaml.d files
  • Migrate netutil methods into /utils/net.go (#7435)
  • Bump Runc + Containerd + Docker for CVE fixes (#7453)
  • Bump kube-router version to fix a bug when a port name is used (#7462)
  • Kube flags and longhorn tests 1.24 (#7467)
  • Local-storage: Fix permission (#7472)
  • Backport version bumps and bugfixes (#7516)
  • K3s now retries the cluster join operation when receiving a "too many learners" error from etcd. This most frequently occurred when attempting to add multiple servers at the same time.
  • K3s once again supports aarch64 nodes with page size > 4k
  • The packaged Traefik version has been bumped to v2.9.10 / chart 21.2.0
  • K3s now prints a more meaningful error when attempting to run from a filesystem mounted noexec.
  • K3s now exits with a proper error message when the server token uses a bootstrap token id.secret format.
  • Fixed an issue where Addon, HelmChart, and HelmChartConfig CRDs were created without structural schema, allowing the creation of custom resources of these types with invalid content.
  • Servers started with the (experimental) --disable-agent flag no longer attempt to run the tunnel authorizer agent component.
  • Fixed an regression that prevented the pod and cluster egress-selector modes from working properly.
  • K3s now correctly passes through etcd-args to the temporary etcd that is used to extract cluster bootstrap data when restarting managed etcd nodes.
  • K3s now properly handles errors obtaining the current etcd cluster member list when a new server is joining the managed etcd cluster.
  • The embedded kine version has been bumped to v0.10.1. This replaces the legacy lib/pq postgres driver with pgx.
  • The bundled CNI plugins have been upgraded to v1.2.0-k3s1. The bandwidth and firewall plugins are now included in the bundle.
  • The embedded Helm controller now supports authenticating to chart repositories via credentials stored in a Secret, as well as passing repo CAs via ConfigMap.
  • Bump containerd/runc to v1.7.1-k3s1/v1.1.7 (#7536)
  • The bundled containerd and runc versions have been bumped to v1.7.1-k3s1/v1.1.7
  • Wrap error stating that it is coming from netpol (#7549)
  • Update to v1.24.14-k3s1 (#7577)

Embedded Component Versions

| Component | Version |
| Kubernetes | v1.24.14 |
| Kine | v0.10.1 |
| SQLite | 3.39.2 |
| Etcd | v3.5.3-k3s1 |
| Containerd | v1.7.1-k3s1 |
| Runc | v1.1.7 |
| Flannel | v0.21.3-k3s1.23 |
| Metrics-server | v0.6.2 |
| Traefik | v2.9.10 |
| CoreDNS | v1.10.1 |
| Helm-controller | v0.14.0 |
| Local-path-provisioner | v0.0.24 |

Helpful Links

As always, we welcome and appreciate feedback from our community of users. Please feel free to:
- Open issues here
- Join our Slack channel
- Check out our documentation for guidance on how to get started or to dive deep into K3s.
- Read how you can contribute here


May 26, 2023, 10:14 p.m.
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