k3s - v1.21.11+k3s1

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.21.11, and fixes a number of issues.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.21.10+k3s1:

  • Add ability to specify etcd snapshot list output format (#5132) (#5178)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from using k3s secrets-encryption rotation after upgrading from older K3s versions. (#5168)
  • Add --json flag for k3s secrets-encrypt status (#5197)
  • k3s secrets-encrypt prepare can now be used on control-plane only nodes (#5229)
  • The embedded containerd has been bumped to v1.4.13-k3s1 (#5233)
  • Backport cleanups and bugfixes from master (#5253)
  • When using the unsupported --disable-agent flag, kube-scheduler will now be started when a node is available.
  • Server nodes with only etcd/control-plane/etcd+control-plane roles can now be added to the cluster in any order, as long as the first node has the etcd role.
  • Any alarms present on the embedded etcd datastore are now reported and cleared at startup. This should allow for graceful recovery after exceeding and subsequently raising the etcd quota size.
  • Secondary etcd-only nodes will now successfully bootstrap containerd and the kubelet before a control-plane node has joined the cluster. (#5304)
  • Update Kubernetes to v1.21.11-k3s1 (#5274)
  • The packaged coredns version has been bumped to v1.9.1 (#5310)
  • Defragment etcd datastore before clearing alarms; don't delete temp etcd db while reconciling
  • The embedded etcd database is now defragmented on startup.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause restart of managed etcd nodes to occasionally fail while reconciling bootstrap data. (#5342)

Embedded Component Versions

| Component | Version |
| Kubernetes | v1.21.11 |
| Kine | v0.6.5 |
| SQLite | 3.36.0 |
| Etcd | v3.4.18-k3s1 |
| Containerd | v1.4.13-k3s1 |
| Runc | v1.0.3 |
| Flannel | v0.16.3 |
| Metrics-server | v0.5.2 |
| Traefik | v2.6.1 |
| CoreDNS | v1.9.1 |
| Helm-controller | v0.10.8 |
| Local-path-provisioner | v0.0.21 |

Helpful Links

As always, we welcome and appreciate feedback from our community of users. Please feel free to:
- Open issues here
- Join our Slack channel
- Check out our documentation for guidance on how to get started or to dive deep into K3s.
- Read how you can contribute here


March 31, 2022, 1:31 a.m.
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