k3s - v1.20.9+k3s1

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.20.9

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes

:warning: Important Upgrade Note :warning:
If you are using K3s in a HA configuration with an external SQL datastore, and your server (control-plane) nodes were not started with the --token CLI flag, you will no longer be able to add additional K3s servers to the cluster without specifying the token. Ensure that you retain a copy of this token, as is required when restoring from backup. Previously, K3s did not enforce the use of a token when using external SQL datastores.

You may retrieve the token value from any server already joined to the cluster:

cat /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/token

Changes since v1.20.8+k3s1:

  • Upgrade Kubernetes to v1.20.9 (#3655)
  • Upgrade coredns to v1.8.3 (#3541)
  • Upgrade k3s-root to v0.9.1 (#3666)
  • Upgrade containerd to v1.4.8-k3s1 (#3683)
    Addresses GHSA-c72p-9xmj-rx3w
  • Bootstrap data is now reliably encrypted with the cluster token (#3516)
    Addresses GHSA-cxm9-4m6p-24mc
  • The K3s cloud controller has been moved into a dedicated executor to improve resilience under high datastore latency (#3531)
  • The CSR signing controller now uses the correct CA for all signers (#3599)
  • The in-cluster list of available etcd snapshots is no longer updated when snapshots are disabled (#3611)
  • k3s etcd-snapshot delete now functions more reliably when deleting snapshots from S3 (#3647)
  • k3s server --cluster-reset now functions more reliably in case of quorum loss (#3650)

Embedded Component Versions

| Component | Version |
| Kubernetes | v1.20.9 |
| Kine | v0.6.2 |
| SQLite | 3.33.0 |
| Etcd | v3.4.13-k3s3 |
| Containerd | v1.4.8-k3s1 |
| Runc | v1.0.0-rc95 |
| Flannel | v0.12.0-k3s2 |
| Metrics-server | v0.3.6 |
| Traefik | v1.7.19 |
| CoreDNS | v1.8.3 |
| Helm-controller | v0.8.3 |
| Local-path-provisioner | v0.0.19 |

Helpful Links

As always, we welcome and appreciate feedback from our community of users. Please feel free to:
- Open issues here
- Join our Slack channel
- Check out our documentation for guidance on how to get started or to dive deep into K3s.
- Read how you can contribute here


July 22, 2021, 8:29 p.m.
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