k3d - v5.4.0

v5.4.0 - 26.03.2022

Note: This is the first independent release of k3d

  • k3d moved from rancher/k3d to k3d-io/k3d
  • k3d is fully community-owned
  • k3d does not depend on any company's toolchain or accounts

Note 2: You can now fund the work on k3d using GitHub Sponsors (@iwilltry42) or IssueHunt (k3d-io/k3d)


  • GitHub Actions Release Workflow (#977 & #1024)
  • Replaces DroneCI
  • Now uses buildx & buildx bake for multiplatform builds (instead of VMs with the according architectures)
  • Now pushes to GHCR instead of DockerHub
  • docs: added FAQ entry on using Longhorn in k3d
  • docs: added config file tip that k3d expands environment variables
  • docs: added section about using k3d with Podman (#987)
  • docs: add connect section on homepage (#988)
  • added k3d node create --k3s-arg flag (#1032)


  • references to rancher/k3d updated to k3d-io/k3d (#976)
  • reference to rancher/k3s updated to k3s-io/k3s (#985)
  • explicitly set bridge mode for k3d-created networks for Podman compatibility (#986)
  • use secure defaults for curl in install script (#999)
  • chore: update docs requirements and re-run docgen for commands (#1033)
  • change: no default image for node creation in local cluster where image should be copied from existing nodes (#1034)


  • fixed volume shortcuts not working because clusterconfig was not being processed
  • fixed AUR Release pipeline with more relaxed version selection (#966)
  • fixed ZSH completion output (#1014)
  • Do not defer goroutine to delete tools node, as this leads to errors
  • Hotfix: switch default for image import to original tools-node mode, as the new direct mode fails fairly often
  • GetGatewayIP for host.k3d.internal should error out if there's no gateway defined (#1027)
  • Store hostAliases in label to persist them across cluster stop/start (#1029)



  • DroneCI Test & Release Pipeline


This release was automatically tested with the following setups:


  • 20.10.5
  • 20.10.12

Expected to Fail with the following versions:


We test a full cluster lifecycle with different K3s channels, meaning that the following list refers to the current latest version released under the given channel:

  • Channel v1.23
  • Channel v1.22

Expected to Fail with the following versions:

  • <= v1.18 (due to not included, but expected CoreDNS in K3s)

New Contributors

  • @dereknola made their first contribution in https://github.com/k3d-io/k3d/pull/985
  • @gbonnefille made their first contribution in https://github.com/k3d-io/k3d/pull/988
  • @olix0r made their first contribution in https://github.com/k3d-io/k3d/pull/999

Full Changelog: https://github.com/k3d-io/k3d/compare/v5.3.0...v5.4.0


March 26, 2022, 11:26 a.m.
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