Insomnia - core@2023.1.0


Mar 9, 2023

A big thanks to the 11 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:


  • Fixed an issue where insomnia would take longer to calculate file changes on Git Sync depending on the size of the Git repository (#5683) @PatrickMurrell
  • Fixed an issue that cause a db not defined error to show up when creating a new branch on Insomnia Cloud sync (#5719) @filfreire
  • Fixed the Solarized/Solarized Dark themes by increasing contrast between items in the Debug sidebar. (#5717) @noahmpauls
  • fixed an issue where only selected websocket events were not properly previewed. (#5768) @filfreire
  • Added a fix for an issue where a match regex was still being applied if redirectUrl was not set on OAuth2 (related to #5722) (#5763) @ltressens
  • Fixed an issue where some dropdown options no longer worked (e.g. deleting a folder, deleting request history, ...). (#5778) @filfreire
  • Fixed an issue #5590 where bulk editor for query parameters didn't expand properly (#5795) @rickythefox


  • URLs are now displayed on request history for failed requests (#5709) @magdalenalipka
  • Overall improvements to dropdowns for better maintainability, keyboard navigation, and accessibility (Note: Search was removed from some dropdowns. If this was critical for you, create a feature request on our Github Issues specifying your use-case). (#5615) @pavkout
  • Added a small prompt when using Copy as Curl feature on a request (#5723) @kreosus
  • Improved the projects sidebar with a new search input, and a way to filter by documents and collections in projects (#5726) @gatzjames
  • Improvements to the dashboard UI (#5745) @gatzjames
  • Added improvements to Git Sync feature handling larger repositories and improving slowness and flakiness (related to #5804) and also fixing issues like cloning empty or previously non-synced repositories (related to #5740) and also git history not being properly shown (related to #5804). (#5779) @gatzjames

All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @B2o5T, @filfreire, @gatzjames, @jackkav, @kreosus, @ltressens, @magdalenalipka, @noahmpauls, @PatrickMurrell, @pavkout, @rickythefox


March 9, 2023, 3:37 p.m.
Insomnia 2023.1.0 📦
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