htmx - 1.5.0

  • 2021-7-12

  • Support tracking of button clicked during a form submission

  • Conditional polling via the hx-trigger attribute
  • document is now a valid pseudo-selector on the hx-trigger from: argument, allowing you
    to listen for events on the document.
  • Added the hx-request attribute, allowing you to configure the following aspects of the request
    • timeout - the timeout of the request
    • credentials - if the request will send credentials
    • noHeaders - strips all headers from the request
  • Along with the above attribute, you can configure the default values for each of these via the corresponding htmx.config
    properties (e.g. htmx.config.timeout)
  • Both the scroll and show options on hx-swap now support extended syntax for selecting the
    element to scroll or to show, including the pseudo-selectors window:top and window:bottom.


July 12, 2021, midnight
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