Helmwave - v0.12.0


8a7994c ApplyReport
3a54ace Kube
094fd2b WIP
d20cfe1 WIP 1
43513e7 WIP 2
fa56621 WIP: 1000 years later
645a022 WIP: 1001
4c264a3 WIP: 1001 night
4cc355e WIP: 1002
70be6fb WIP: 3
75863a8 WIP: 4
905597b WIP: 5
5d204d0 WIP: 6
cb7c126 WIP: refactor 1
cb9c5ba WIP: refactor 2
37fca0c WIP: struct of plan.Build()
53f9d4d add aliases
2226093 add cli_yml
e0b4f8f add completion
de697fc add golangci-lint configuration
5cdb369 add repo_test
beb3442 add rollback
0284e44 ascii graph
b2057fa bad
05a6ae8 build refactor
1b79706 chart
9872247 chart dependencies update in buildManifests
13ff726 close #124
621c050 cmd destroy
dca9857 comeback status
5f684f5 constraints tests
799ce37 default 10 -> 5
2182fb1 default helm
06c00d3 delete fmt
d161d25 deploy -> up
25a7478 diff is ready
3bb1da6 discard if not debug
02ed394 emoji command
d081a69 err validate
3195f58 errorlint: use %w for errors
f62c7bc export manifests
a80c2cc fieldalignment reorders
c8ff4e3 filepath
a64cf5c fix import cycle
a2aa8c8 fix / dir
d4abfcd fix error type assertion
6d5c0e1 fix lint
9dce83b fix list
2cbb0b8 fix pubsub tests
f539732 fix repofile
e40d220 fix tests
188e21c fix upper-case
03dad75 fixed flags
ea8ee77 flock
d975e88 gci: sort imports with goimports
7e8328b gocritic: some simplifications
edf83e3 gofumpt
fbe0ee5 graphMD
c6a6c4c helm hooks 1
12749f0 helm set env
7895126 hooks as a part of plan
f3ea065 install all repositories
b8cccaf linters
bd01302 linters: allow yoda style expressions
b5183c4 linters: disable more linters
fbe07ba linters: errcheck
08d25a2 linters: errorlint
9d86f6b linters: forbidigo
4755a30 linters: gci
0823853 linters: gocritic
0b965f1 linters: gofumpt
89efe8f linters: gosec
1e5203d linters: govet
dcaefc9 linters: lll
57fb770 linters: misspell
ca3381d linters: move more linters to warning severity
de01bb5 linters: noctx
c2fd7b5 linters: prealloc
3219b6f linters: revive
a3f62df linters: structcheck
d68db69 linters: whitespace
deb2d61 little refactor
e4db788 logs flags fix
c809ce6 more helpful log
688db79 more tests
5a69e84 mv kubedog flags
85a91b8 mv values
ae2c6cc new config spec
d154815 new tests
3674125 private yml
5dd8480 refactor and uninstall
853fb19 refactor rel.cfg
4c4b3a3 repo is parallel
c0c362b repo is parallel
4cf299b return CR_PAT
4f50410 return fix log formatter
8a72944 return to 0.9.6
a2bd4f4 simplify switch type
a1d6ee7 sort
7b54672 split vals
1c3e8e8 translate
b2e62f6 uniqname.go
4d7f7ee unused
8d20c36 update golangci-lint version
0578143 update golangci-lint version
b9dc0ee validate.go
d452e7b values as Ref
05647fb whitespace
a18fc79 with const

Docker images

  • docker pull ghcr.io/helmwave/helmwave:0.12.0
  • docker pull diamon/helmwave:0.12.0


July 19, 2021, 11:03 p.m.
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