Helm - v3.8.1

Helm v3.8.1 is a patch release. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

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Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm v3.8.1. The common platform binaries are here:

This release was signed with 672C 657B E06B 4B30 969C 4A57 4614 49C2 5E36 B98E and can be found at @mattfarina keybase account. Please use the attached signatures for verifying this release using gpg.

The Quickstart Guide will get you going from there. For upgrade instructions or detailed installation notes, check the install guide. You can also use a script to install on any system with bash.

What's Next

  • 3.8.2 will contain only bug fixes and will be released on April 13, 2022.
  • 3.9.0 is the next feature release and will be released on May 11, 2022.


  • Updating Kubernetes libs to 0.23.4 (latest) 5cb9af4b1b271d11d7a97a71df3ac337dd94ad37 (Matt Farina)
  • fix: remove deadcode 952d034ed0d4e48f64e894ecc96712a2b5a6ad8f (Tomas Pizarro Moreno)
  • fix: helm package tests 02028a27a88d2a800a6ffc95163246987e5754dc (Tomas Pizarro Moreno)
  • fix: helm package with dependency update for charts with OCI dependencies bc3d14cbc5399fcce1aa739a15a7a02416cf6133 (Tomas Pizarro Moreno)
  • Fix typo Unset the env var before func return in Unit Test 9499df01bbc5eff5a463045977918f714d79a0c5 (Kay Yan)
  • add legal name check 18fa1d739f6c72c45dab2c0cc6b71843bca122da (root)
  • maint: fix syntax error in deploy.sh 7663ffa87b5294152152c9a1b0d8b424dcd51952 (Josh Dolitsky)
  • linting issue fixed 803ecb837a5f842f57f3a9a86788e468469d9fcc (Sourik Ghosh)
  • only apply overwrite if version is canary a4371bae4f775679c4799a889cfaad36b1760ba6 (Sourik Ghosh)
  • overwrite flag added to az storage blob upload-batch 92757895d6c0f4fbd4403978b2e1ab4726ec0769 (Sourik Ghosh)
  • Avoid querying for OCI tags can explicit version provided in chart dependencies 3aacde171ef8504c431e783c25a01de0d1776801 (Andrew Block)
  • Management of bearer tokens for tag listing 46f0ec460977b31130f3cf90fad371afd1160a89 (Andrew Block)
  • Updating Kubernetes packages to 1.23.3 97b477c0868208d3a97cd6ab7c8eedd603c0a3ff (Martin Hickey)
  • refactor: use os.ReadDir for lightweight directory reading 6966dc444c2d245e7b4e15c251708c450aceb956 (Eng Zer Jun)
  • Add IngressClass to manifests to be (un)installed dbd30cac0576a650311ce9c8198af905e0073b6b (stephanECD)
  • feat(comp): Shell completion for OCI e62f5cac1e2a620f8bfb252bfa32f43d25e6c1cf (Marc Khouzam)
  • Fix install memory/goroutine leak 4827ca1f167937f9599ad2486e43ce3914192f43 (Neven Miculinic)


March 9, 2022, 9:38 p.m.
Helm v3.8.1
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