Hasura - v2.0.2



  • server: support computed fields in query filter (where argument) (close #7100)
  • server: support scalar computed fields in remote joins (close #7101)
  • server: only if query-log is enabled the graphql query string is printed in http-log and websocket-log
  • server: fix reloading inconsistent sources or remote schemas via reload_metadata API
  • server: add a $.detail.operation.request_mode field to http-log which takes the values "single" or "batched" to log whether a GraphQL request was executed on its own or as part of a batch
  • server: add query field to http-log and websocket-log in non-error cases
  • server: Add global limit to BigQuery via the global_select_limit field in the connection configuration
  • server: include action and event names in log output
  • server: log all HTTP errors in remote schema calls as remote-schema-error with details
  • server: For BigQuery, make global_select_limit configuration optional with a default value of 1000
  • console: add reload all databases checkbox to the metadata settings page
  • console: add schema sharing
  • console: fix issue with changing table's column name and graphQL field name simultaneously
  • cli: add linux and darwin arm64 support


July 15, 2021, 9:21 a.m.
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