Hasura - v1.0.0-alpha25


New features

  • GraphQL queries can now be "analyzed" :zap:. Click the Analyze button on GraphiQL to see the generated SQL and the explain on it. Use it to do database level optimisations like adding indexes etc. (close #562) (#805)
  • CLI now has a metadata reload command, similar to the button on console settings page. Use it when you change something in the underlying Postgres. [This is a Hacktoberfest contribution :muscle:] (close #722) (#725)
  • When SQL is executed from the console, you can save them as a migration with a custom name [This is a Hacktoberfest contribution :muscle:] (close #541) (#750)


  • Fixes a bug that caused nested object inserts to fail if the relation was to a non-update view. (fix #773) (#774)

Other changes

  • server: send 'completed' after an error when handling start in ws (close #671) (#776)
  • console: fix track table error when table name is immediately followed by '(' (close #717) #718)
  • console: track multiple instances of table/view in run sql (close #784) (#785)


Oct. 19, 2018, 3:20 a.m.
25th alpha release for v1.0.0
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