gRPC - v1.46.0


This is release 1.46.0 (golazo) of gRPC Core.

For gRPC documentation, see For previous releases, see Releases.

This release contains refinements, improvements, and bug fixes, with highlights listed below.


gRPC C++ 1.46 will be the last release supporting C++11, future releases will require C++ >= 14. We plan to backport critical (P0) bugs and security fixes to this release for a year, that is, until 2023-06-01. This change won't bump the major version of gRPC since this doesn't introduce API changes. Hence, the next version requiring C++14 will be 1.47 (context).


  • Ignore Connection Aborted errors on accept. (#29318)
  • Filter content-length metadata from the application. (#29295)
  • RetryFilter: Cleanup pending byte stream. (#29245)
  • HTTP Proxy: Ignore empty entry in no_proxy list. (#29217)
  • Adding http/1.1 support in httpcli. (#29238)
  • HTTP2: Initiate write for acknowledging SETTINGS frame. (#29218)
  • Change the unsupported polling strategy log for forking to GPR_INFO. (#29232)
  • Handle SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE error. (#29176)
  • TCP Async Connect: Fix Heap use-after-free. (#29209)
  • HTTP2: Add graceful goaway. (#29050)
  • Remove epollex poller. (#29160)
  • TlsCredentials: Comparator implementation. (#28940)
  • Decrease verbosity of alts handshaker logs which can happen during cancellation. (#29058)
  • HTTP2: Should not run cancelling logic on servers when receiving GOAWAY. (#29067)
  • HTTP2: Don't throttle pings from the server. (#29053)
  • Include ADS stream error in XDS error updates. (#29014)
  • Remove idempotent/cacheable requests. (#28922)


  • Add bazel cpp distribtest for grpc_cc_library. (#29175)


  • Add support for grpc-dotnet in GKE benchmarks. (#28975)
  • Sync unary call after shutdown: Add a repro and fix for #19090 . (#23003)
  • Remove C# Legacy (a.k.a. "Classic") csproj example. (#29102)


  • Add Python GCF Distribtest. (#29303)
  • Add Python Reflection Client. (#29085)
  • Revert "Fix prefork handler register's default behavior". (#29229)
  • Fix prefork handler register's default behavior. (#29103)
  • Fix fetching CXX variable in (#28873)


  • Support pre-built binaries for Ruby 3.1. (#29000)
  • Make sure to always receive initial metadata in ruby. (#29155)


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


May 4, 2022, 8:32 p.m.
Release v1.46.0
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