gRPC - v1.16.0

This is the 1.16.0 release (gao) of gRPC Core.

Please see the notes for the previous releases here: Please consult for all information regarding this product.

This release contains refinements, improvements, and bug fixes, with highlights listed below.


  • Keepalive watchdog firing should return status UNAVAILABLE. (#16764)
  • Set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT socket option for linux . (#16419)
  • When using c-ares, resolve ip literals and Windows localhost on our own. (#16420)
  • Turn loading system root certificate as default. (#16536)
  • Change pick_first to not unref unselected subchannels. (#16342)


  • fix *_unsecure.pc files. (#16754)
  • cmake: prevent C core from depending on libstdc++. (#16752)
  • Implement Watch method in health check service. (#16574)
  • Fix async_stream.h warning on Visual Studio. (#16544)


  • Secure channel throughput improvements: Linux x86_64 version of grpc_csharp_ext nuget now ships with assembly-optimized version of boringssl, which leads to significant improvements in throughput of secure C# channels. See for details.
  • Expose certificate request type in SslServerCredentials. (#16552)
  • build assembly-optimized grpc_csharp_ext with cmake. (#16777)
  • ChannelOption improvements. (#16756)
  • Various allocation optimizations. (#16631)
  • Add new C# serialization API. (#16367)
  • Add constructor overload for RpcException. (#16553)
  • Avoid leaking resources when starting a call fails. (#16554)
  • Expose TryWaitForStateChangedAsync. (#16556)
  • Add exception info to Status.Detail if metadata credentials throws. (#16543)


  • Fixed a crash related to error reporting. (#16696)


  • Fix SSL channel credential when an argument is None. (#16640)
  • Bazel: Fix python BUILD rules. (#16561)


  • Switch to send instead of method(...).call. (#16642)
  • Rescue GRPC::Core::CallError so that worker threads are not killed. (#16477)
  • support for ruby_package options. (#16014)
  • ruby: Raise instead of hanging if grpc is used before and after fork. (#16332)


Oct. 23, 2018, 4:12 a.m.
Release v1.16.0
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