Grafana - v9.3.0

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Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Enable interpolation for notification policies in file provisioning. #58956, @JohnnyQQQQ
  • Azure Monitor Logs: Avoid warning when the response is empty. #59211, @andresmgot
  • Azure Monitor: Add support to customized routes. #54829, @ms-hujia
  • Canvas: Add icon value mapping. #59013, @nmarrs
  • CloudWatch: Cross-account querying support. #59362, @sunker
  • Docs: Update regarding backport policies. #59239, @dsotirakis
  • GaugePanel: Setting the neutral-point of a gauge. #53989, @sfranzis
  • Geomap: Improve location editor. #58017, @drew08t
  • Internationalization: Enable internationalization by default. #59204, @joshhunt
  • Logs: Add Download logs button to log log-browser. #55163, @svennergr
  • Loki: Add gzip compression to resource calls. #59059, @svennergr
  • Loki: Add improvements to loki label browser. #59387, @gwdawson
  • Loki: Make label browser accessible in query builder. #58525, @gwdawson
  • Loki: Remove raw query toggle. #59125, @gwdawson
  • Middleware: Add CSP Report Only support. #58074, @jcalisto
  • Navigation: Prevent viewer role accessing dashboard creation, import and folder creation. #58842, @lpskdl
  • OAuth: Refactor OAuth parameters handling to support obtaining refresh tokens for Google OAuth. #58782, @mgyongyosi
  • Oauth: Display friendly error message when role_attribute_strict=true and no valid role found. #57818, @kalleep
  • Preferences: Add confirmation modal when saving org preferences. #59119, @JoaoSilvaGrafana
  • PublicDashboards: Orphaned public dashboard deletion script added. #57917, @juanicabanas
  • Query Editor: Hide overflow for long query names. #58840, @zuchka
  • Reports: Configurable timezone. (Enterprise)
  • Solo Panel: Configurable timezone. #59153, @spinillos
  • TablePanel: Add support for Count calculation per column or per entire dataset. #58134, @mdvictor
  • Tempo: Send the correct start time when making a TraceQL query. #59128, @CrypticSignal
  • Various Panels: Remove beta label from Bar Chart, Candlestick, Histogram, State Timeline, & Status History Panels. #58557, @codeincarnate

Bug fixes

  • Access Control: Clear user's permission cache after resource creation. #59307, @grafanabot
  • Access Control: Clear user's permission cache after resource creation. #59101, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in AnnoListPanel. #58971, @ashharrison90
  • Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in Collapse. #59022, @ashharrison90
  • Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in GettingStarted panel. #58966, @ashharrison90
  • Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility of FilterPill. #58976, @ashharrison90
  • Admin: Fix broken links to image assets in email templates. #58729, @zuchka
  • Azure Monitor: Fix namespace selection for storageaccounts. #56449, @andresmgot
  • Calcs: Fix difference percent in legend. #59243, @zoltanbedi
  • DataLinks: Improve Data-Links AutoComplete Logic. #58934, @zuchka
  • Explore: Fix a11y issue with logs navigation buttons. #58944, @Elfo404
  • Heatmap: Fix blurry text & rendering. #59260, @leeoniya
  • Heatmap: Fix tooltip y range of top and bottom buckets in calculated heatmaps. #59172, @leeoniya
  • Logs: Fix misalignment of LogRows. #59279, @svennergr
  • Navigation: Stop clearing search state when opening a result in a new tab. #58880, @ashharrison90
  • OptionsUI: SliderValueEditor does not get auto focused on slider change. #59209, @eledobleefe
  • PanelEdit: Fixes bug with not remembering panel options pane collapse/expand state. #59265, @torkelo
  • Query Caching: Skip 207 status codes. (Enterprise)
  • Quota: Fix failure in store due to missing scope parameters. #58874, @papagian
  • Quota: Fix failure when checking session limits. #58865, @papagian
  • Reports: Fix time preview. (Enterprise)
  • StateTimeline: Prevent label text from overflowing state rects. #59169, @leeoniya
  • Tempo: Fix search table duration unit. #58642, @joey-grafana
  • TraceView: Fix broken rendering when scrolling in Dashboard panel in Firefox. #56642, @zdg-github

Plugin development fixes & changes


Nov. 30, 2022, 9:35 a.m.
9.3.0 (2022-11-30)
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