Grafana - v5.3.1

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  • Render: Fix PhantomJS render of graph panel when legend displayed as table to the right #13616
  • Stackdriver: Filter option disappears after removing initial filter #13607
  • Elasticsearch: Fix no limit size in terms aggregation for alerting queries #13172, thx @Yukinoshita-Yukino
  • InfluxDB: Fix for annotation issue that caused text to be shown twice #13553
  • Variables: Fix nesting variables leads to exception and missing refresh #13628
  • Variables: Prometheus: Single letter labels are not supported #13641, thx @olshansky
  • Graph: Fix graph time formatting for Last 24h ranges #13650
  • Playlist: Fix cannot add dashboards with long names to playlist #13464, thx @neufeldtech
  • HTTP API: Fix /api/org/users so that query and limit querystrings works


Oct. 16, 2018, 12:52 p.m.
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