Glances - v3.4.0

Note: Glances 3.4.x will be the latest release with Python 2 and Python < 3.8 support. Futures releases based on the branch develop will only support Python 3.8 or higher.


* Enhance process "extended stats" display (in Curses interface) #2225
  _You can now *pin* a specific process to the top of the process list_
* Improve Glances start time by disabling Docker and Podman version getter - Related to #1985
* Customizable InfluxDB2 export interval #2348
* Improve kill signal management #2194
* Display a critical error message if Glances is ran with both webserver and rpcserver mode
* Refactor the Cloud plugin, disable it by default in the default configuration file - Related to #2279
* Correct clear-text logging of sensitive information (security alert #29)
* Use of a broken or weak cryptographic hashing algorithm (SHA256) on password storage #2175

Bug corrected:

* Correct issue (error message) concerning the Cloud plugin - Related to #2392
* InfluxDB2 export doesn't process folders correctly - missing key #2327
* Index error when displaying programs on MacOS #2360
* Dissociate 2 sensors with exactly the same names #2280
* All times displayed in UTC - Container not using TZ/localtime (Docker) #2278
* It is not possible to return API data for a particular mount point (FS plugin) #1162

Documentation and CI:

* chg: Dockerfile - structured & cleaner build process #2386
* Ubuntu is back as additional Docker images. Alpine stays the default one. Related to #2185
* Improve Makefile amd docker-compose to support Podman and GPU
* Workaround to pin urlib3<2.0 - Related to #2392
* Error while generating the documentation (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'glances') #2391
* Update Flamegraph (memory profiling)
* Improve template for issue report and feature request
* Parameters in the VIRT column #2343
* Graph generation documentation is not clear #2336
* docs: Docker - include tag details
* Add global architecture diagram (Excalidraw)
* Links to documents in sample glances.conf are not valid. #2271
* Add semgrep support
* Smartmontools missing from full docker image #2262
* Improve documentation regarding regexp in configuration file
* Improve documentation about the [ip] plugin #2251

Cyber security update:

* All libs have been updated to the latest version
  Full roadmap here:

Refactor the Docker images factory, from now, Alpine and Ubuntu images will be provided (nicolargo/glances):

  • latest-full for a full Alpine Glances image (latest release) with all dependencies
  • latest for a basic Alpine Glances (latest release) version with minimal dependencies (Bottle and Docker)
  • dev for a basic Alpine Glances image (based on development branch) with all dependencies (Warning: may be instable)
  • ubuntu-latest-full for a full Ubuntu Glances image (latest release) with all dependencies
  • ubuntu-latest for a basic Ubuntu Glances (latest release) version with minimal dependencies (Bottle and Docker)
  • ubuntu-dev for a basic Ubuntu Glances image (based on development branch) with all dependencies (Warning: may be instable)

Contributors for this version:

* @Nicolargo
* @RazCrimson : a very special thanks to @RazCrimson for his huge work on this version !
* Bharath Vignesh J K
* @fr4nc0is
* Florian Calvet
* Ali Erdinç Köroğlu
* Jose Vicente Nunez
* Rui Chen
* Ryan Horiguchi
* mfridge
* snyk-bot


May 16, 2023, 8:40 a.m.
Glances 3.4.0
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