Glances - v3.2.5

Enhancement requests:

    -         Add a Accumulated per program function to the Glances process list needs test new feature plugin/ps #2015
    -         Including battery and AC adapter health in Glances enhancement new feature #1049
    -         Display uptime of a docker container enhancement plugin/docker #2004
    -         Add a code formatter enhancement #1964

Bugs corrected:

      -         Threading.Event.isSet is deprecated in Python 3.10 #2017
      -         Fix code scanning alert - Clear-text logging of sensitive information security #2006
      -         The gpu temperature unit are displayed incorrectly in web ui bug #2002
      -         Doc for 'alert' Restfull/JSON API response documentation #1994
      -         Show the spinning state of a disk documentation #1993
      -         Web server status check endpoint enhancement #1988
      -         --time parameter being ignored for client/server mode bug #1978
      -         Amp with pipe do not work documentation #1976
      - plugin relies on low rating / malicious site domain bug security #1975
      -         "N" command freezes/unfreezes the current time instead of show/hide bug #1974
      -         Missing commands in help "h" screen enhancement needs contributor #1973
      -         Grafana dashboards not displayed with influxdb2 enhancement needs contributor #1960
      -         Glances reports different amounts of used memory than free -m or top documentation #1924
      -         Missing: Help command doesn't have info on TCP Connections bug documentation enhancement needs contributor #1675
      -         Docstring convention documentation enhancement #940

Thanks for the bug report and the patch: @RazCrimson, @Karthikeyan Singaravelan, @Moldavite, @ledwards


April 16, 2022, 7:01 a.m.
Glances 3.2.5
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