Glances - v3.0.2

Version 3.0.2

Bug corrected:

* Glances IO Errorno 22 - Invalid argument #1326

Version 3.0.1

Bug corrected:

*  AMPs error if no output are provided by the system call #1314

Version 3.0

See the release note here:

Enhancements and new features:

* Make the left side bar width dynamic in the Curse UI #1177
* Add threads number in the process list #1259
* A way to have only REST API available and disable WEB GUI access #1149
* Refactor graph export plugin (& replace Matplolib by Pygal) #697
* Docker module doesn't export details about stopped containers #1152
* Add dynamic fields in all sections of the configuration file #1204
* Make plugins and export CLI option dynamical #1173
* Add a light mode for the console UI #1165
* Refactor InfluxDB (API is now stable) #1166
* Add deflate compression support to the RestAPI #1182
* Add a code of conduct for Glances project's participants #1211
* Context switches bottleneck identification #1212
* Take advantage of the psutil issue #1025 (Add process_iter(attrs, ad_value)) #1105
* Nice Process Priority Configuration #1218
* Display debug message if dep lib is not found #1224
* Add a new output mode to stdout #1168
* Huge refactor of the WebUI packaging thanks to @spike008t #1239
* Add time zone to the current time #1249
* Use HTTPs URLs to check public IP address #1253
* Add labels support to Promotheus exporter #1255
* Overlap in Web UI when monitoring a machine with 16 cpu threads #1265
* Support for exporting data to a MQTT server #1305

One more thing ! A new Grafana Dash is available with:
* Network interface variable
* Disk variable
* Container CPU

Bugs corrected:

* Crash in the Wifi plugin on my Laptop #1151
* Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory #1156
* has a problem with specific docker output #1160
* Key error 'address' in the IP plugin #1176
* NameError: name 'mode' is not defined in case of interrupt shortly after starting the server mode #1175
* Crash on startup: KeyError: 'hz_actual_raw' on Raspbian 9.1 #1170
* Add missing mount-observe and system-observe interfaces #1179
* OS specific arguments should be documented and reported #1180
* 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\U0001f4a9' in position 4: ordinal not in range(128) #1185
* KeyError: 'memory_info' on stats sum #1188
* Electron/Atom processes displayed wrong in process list #1192
* Another encoding issue... With both Python 2 and Python 3 #1197
* Glances do not exit when eating 'q' #1207
* FreeBSD blackhole bug #1202
* Glances crashes when mountpoint with non ASCII characters exists #1201
* [WEB UI] Minor issue on the Web UI #1240
* [Glances 3.0 RC1] Client/Server is broken #1244
* Fixing horizontal scrolling #1248
* Stats updated during export (thread issue) #1250
* Glances --browser crashed when more than 40 glances servers on screen 78x45 #1256
* OSX - Python 3 and empty percent and res #1251
* Crashes when influxdb option set #1260
* AMP for kernel process is not working #1261
* Arch linux package (2.11.1-2) psutil (v5.4.1): RuntimeWarning: ignoring OSError #1203
* Glances crash with extended process stats #1283
* Terminal window stuck at the last accessed *protected* server #1275
* Glances shows mdadm RAID0 as degraded when chunksize=128k and the array isn't degraded. #1299
* Never starts in a server on Google Cloud and FreeBSD #1292

Backward-incompatible changes:

* Support for Python 3.3 has been dropped (EOL 2017-09-29)
* Support for psutil < 5.3.0 has been dropped
* Minimum supported Docker API version is now 1.21 (Docker plugins)
* Support for InfluxDB < 0.9 is deprecated (InfluxDB exporter)
* Zeroconf lib should be pinned to 0.19.1 for Python 2.x
* --disable-<plugin> no longer available (use --disable-plugin <plugin>)
* --export-<exporter> no longer available (use --export <exporter>)

News command line options:

--disable-webui  Disable the WebUI (only RESTful API will respond)
--enable-light   Enable the light mode for the UI interface
--modules-list   Display plugins and exporters list
--disable-plugin plugin1,plugin2
                 Disable a list of comma separated plugins
--export exporter1,exporter2
                 Export stats to a comma separated exporters
--stdout plugin1,plugin2.attribute
                 Display stats to stdout

News configuration keys in the glances.conf file:


# Configuration for the --export graph option
# Set the path where the graph (.svg files) will be created
# Can be overwrite by the --graph-path command line option
# It is possible to generate the graphs automatically by setting the
# generate_every to a non zero value corresponding to the seconds between
# two generation. Set it to 0 to disable graph auto generation.
# See followings configuration keys definitions in the Pygal lib documentation

Processes list Nice value:

# Nice priorities range from -20 to 19.
# Configure nice levels using a comma separated list.
# Nice: Example 1, non-zero is warning (default behavior)
# Nice: Example 2, low priority processes escalate from careful to critical

Docker plugin (related to #1152)

# By default, Glances only display running containers
# Set the following key to True to display all containers

All configuration file values (related to #1204)

# It is possible to use dynamic system command
tags=foo:bar,spam:eggs,system:`uname -a`


Oct. 14, 2018, 8:16 a.m.
Glances 3.0.2
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