FluxCD - 1.25.0

Flux v1 is in maintenance mode

All users are encouraged to migrate to Flux v2 or begin planning their migration, and to continue filing issues if migrations are blocked.

1.25.0 (2022-03-30)

This release includes a base image upgrade to the Alpine 3.15.3 upstream that mitigates a number of CVE issues detected from the base image.

We also upgraded the CircleCI build machinery to address an EOL notice on the Ubuntu 16.04 images that we had been using prior, so Flux v1 maintenance activities can continue uninterrupted after May 31, 2022.)

Go dependencies have been upgraded as well. This release has no code changes.

Maintenance and documentation


Thanks to @dholbach, @stefanprodan, and @kingdonb for their contributions to this release.


March 30, 2022, 6:25 p.m.
Flux 1.25.0
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