FluxCD v2 - v0.41.0

Flux v0.41.0 comes with new features and improvements. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

Features and improvements

  • Experimental support of drift detection of Helm releases compared to cluster-state.
  • Improved handling of SIGTERM signals received by the helm-controller, which will now terminate running Helm install or upgrade actions, instead of potentially leaving them in a pending state.
  • Opt-in OOM watcher in helm-controller to handle graceful termination of the controller before it is forcefully killed by Kubernetes' OOM killer.
  • Kubernetes client and Custom Resource Definition life-cycle improvements to reduce the memory consumption of the helm-controller, with observed reductions up to 50%.
  • Opt-in allowance of DNS lookups during the rendering of Helm templates in the helm-controller via feature gate.
  • Optional disabling of the cache of the status poller used to determine the health of the resources applied by the kustomize-controller. This may improve memory usage on large scale clusters at the cost of more direct API calls.
  • Changes to the logging of all controllers to ensure Kubernetes components like the discovery client use the configured logging format.
  • New flux events command to display Kubernetes events for Flux resources, including the events of a referenced resource.
  • Custom annotations can now be set with flux push using --annotations.

New documentation

Components changelog

CLI Changelog

  • PR #3628 - @somtochiama - Add flux events command
  • PR #3674 - @hiddeco - Update dependencies
  • PR #3673 - @stefanprodan - ci: Use latest available images of kindest/node
  • PR #3672 - @hiddeco - tests/azure: update dependencies
  • PR #3670 - @hiddeco - Update Go to 1.20
  • PR #3669 - @hiddeco - Update GitHub Action workflows
  • PR #3667 - @hiddeco - Update helm-controller to v0.31.0
  • PR #3666 - @fluxcdbot - Update toolkit components
  • PR #3653 - @stefanprodan - Allow custom annotations to be set when pushing OCI artifacts


March 9, 2023, 5:01 p.m.
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