FluxCD v2 - v0.37.0


Flux v0.37.0 comes with new features and improvements. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

Breaking changes

Deprecation of gitImplementation

The interpretation of the gitImplementation field of GitRepository by source-controller and image-automation-controller has been deprecated, and will effectively always use go-git. This now supports all Git servers, including Azure DevOps and AWS CodeCommit, which previously were only supported by libgit2.

To opt-out from this behaviour, and get the controller to honour the field .spec.gitImplementation, start the controller with: --feature-gates=ForceGoGitImplementation=false.

For more information on this change, refer to the controllers's respective changelogs listed below.

Automatic force-push of ImageUpdateAutomation

Starting from this version, ImageUpdateAutomation objects with a .spec.PushBranch specified will have the push branch refreshed automatically via force push. To opt-out from this behaviour, start the controller with: --feature-gates=GitForcePushBranch=false.

Features and improvements

  • Support for bootstrapping Azure DevOps and AWS CodeCommit repositories using flux bootstrap git.
  • Support cloning of Git v2 protocol (Azure DevOps and AWS CodeCommit) for go-git Git provider.
  • Support force-pushing ImageUpdateAutomation repositories.
  • Allow a dry-run of flux build kustomization with --dry-run and --kustomization-file ./path/to/local/my-app.yaml. Using these flags, variable substitutions from Secrets and ConfigMaps are skipped, and no connection to the cluster is made.
  • Use signed OCI Helm chart for kube-prometheus-stack.

New documentation

Components changelog

CLI Changelog

  • PR #3339 - @hiddeco - Update dependencies
  • PR #3326 - @fluxcdbot - Update toolkit components
  • PR #3324 - @stefanprodan - Update kubectl and remove nsswitch.conf in flux-cli image
  • PR #3323 - @pjbgf - build: Pin GitHub Actions
  • PR #3317 - @souleb - Add a dry-run mode to flux build kustomization
  • PR #3303 - @stefanprodan - monitoring: Use kube-prometheus-stack signed OCI Helm chart
  • PR #3299 - @aryan9600 - Refactor bootstrap process to use fluxcd/pkg/git
  • PR #3294 - @phillebaba - Aggregate errors in uninstall functions
  • PR #3288 - @dependabot[bot] - Bump hashicorp/setup-terraform from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3
  • PR #3281 - @stefanprodan - Refactor ARM64 e2e test suite
  • PR #3269 - @dependabot[bot] - Bump actions/setup-go from 2 to 3
  • PR #3249 - @phillebaba - Remove file reading from bootstrap package


Nov. 22, 2022, 5:28 p.m.
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