FluxCD v2 - v0.31.2


Flux v0.31.2 is a patch release that comes with fixes and small improvements. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix SSH connection leaks when using libgit2 managed transport
  • Improve the libgit2 error messages when the known hosts check fails
  • Fix authentication for BitBucket server when using libgit2 managed transport
  • Fix flux logs when running Flux inside a service mesh
  • Fix flux reconcile source helm when using Helm OCI
  • Accept multiple values for flux create hr --values-from
  • List the Flux CRDs and assert their statuses when running flux check
  • Add finalizers to ImageRepository, ImagePolicy and ImageUpdateAutomation resources to properly record the metrics for deleted resources

Components changelog

CLI Changelog

  • PR #2867 - @stefanprodan - Remove image finalizers on uninstall
  • PR #2862 - @bplasmeijer - Put the dashboard configmap in the right namespace for monitoring
  • PR #2859 - @somtochiama - Return different success message for oci type - reconcile_source_helm
  • PR #2844 - @hiddeco - logs: select manager container when multiple exist
  • PR #2839 - @fluxcdbot - Update toolkit components
  • PR #2829 - @somtochiama - Accept multiple values for flux create hr --values-from
  • PR #2823 - @stefanprodan - Add CRDs to flux check command


June 24, 2022, 2:07 p.m.
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