FluxCD v2 - v0.30.0

Flux v0.30.0 comes with new features and improvements. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

Note that v0.29.0 included breaking changes.

Features and improvements

Support for disabling remote bases in Kustomize overlays

This release adds support to the kustomize-controller for disallowing remote bases in Kustomize overlays using --no-remote-bases=true (default: false). When this flag is enabled on the controller, all resources must refer to local files included in the Source Artifact, meaning only the Flux Sources can affect the cluster-state. Users are advised to enable it on production systems for security and performance reasons.

Support for defining a KubeConfig Secret data key

Both Kustomization and HelmRelease resources do now accept a .spec.kubeConfig.SecretRef.key definition. When the value is specified, the KubeConfig JSON is retrieved from this data key in the referred Secret, instead of the defaults (value or value.yaml).

Support for defining a ServiceAccountName in ImageRepository objects

The ImageRepository object does now accept a .spec.serviceAccountName definition. When specified, the image pull secrets attached to the ServiceAccount are used to authenticate towards the registry.

Components Changelog

CLI Changelog

  • PR #2651 - @hiddeco - kustomize: use FS from fluxcd/pkg
  • PR #2698 - @hiddeco - Update dependencies
  • PR #2695 - @fluxcdbot - Update toolkit components


May 3, 2022, 8:09 p.m.
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