fluentbit - v1.9.1

Official Announcement

  • https://fluentbit.io/announcements/v1.9.1/

What's Changed

  • packaging: add publish script by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5069
  • packaging: add git commit info by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5049
  • packaging: build from source rather than tar by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5050
  • packaging: add auto-call publish-all by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5072
  • dockerfiles: add extra debug tools by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5076
  • install: support Rocky and Alma Linux by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5079
  • packaging: add updates for server publishing by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5080
  • mem: add chance of failing flb_malloc when fuzzing by @DavidKorczynski in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/4689
  • packaging: add raspbian/bullseye and option to skip signing by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5099
  • workflows: unstable regular build by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5104
  • workflows: unstable regular build fixes by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5106
  • workflows: unstable build updates by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5112
  • filter_nightfall: capitalize flag in CMakeLists by @victor88121 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5107
  • build: macos: Handle w/o patch version returning case by @cosmo0920 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5096
  • packaging: fix path by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5113
  • tests: internal: fuzzers: fix malloc denial by @DavidKorczynski in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5128
  • workflows: align compile check with fuzz triggers by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5116
  • workflows: degrade to standard token if no PAT by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5135
  • workflows: unstable builds for supported branches by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5117
  • packaging: add repo signing check to install script by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5133
  • workflows: sync releases to bucket by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5134
  • filter_nightfall: fix for loop variable syntax by @victor88121 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5119
  • config_map: add check if flb_env_var_translate failed by @nokute78 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5124
  • workflows: disable staging build on every push by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5139
  • dockerfile: remove missing package ltrace for other architectures by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5151
  • workflows: resolve staging build issue by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5142
  • workflows: fix ossf filename by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5152
  • workflows: resolve schema name failure by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5155
  • task: fixed wrong assumed type for data in flb_task_retry_count by @leonardo-albertovich in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5158
  • workflows: refactor schema generation for staging by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5161
  • io: prevent recycled keepalive sockets from stalling by @leonardo-albertovich in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5109
  • out_opensearch: fix double free on index header (#5132) by @edsiper in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5175
  • multiline: java: modify start_state to ignore 'Exception:' at the beginning of line. by @nokute78 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/4990
  • info: enhance log info about versions by @edsiper in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5178
  • filter_kubernetes: fix leak on journal mode when excluding records by @edsiper in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5179
  • ci: update codeowners by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5182
  • packaging: resolve metadata signing issue by @patrick-stephens in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5181
  • out_kafka: fix broken config map(#5097) by @nokute78 in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5125
  • parser: do not pass cached config format context (#5141) by @edsiper in https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/pull/5191

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit/compare/v1.9.0...v1.9.1


March 27, 2022, 7:17 p.m.
Fluent Bit v1.9.1
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