Flannel - v0.18.0

What's Changed

  • Change manifest to use the 0.17.0 images by @manuelbuil in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1543
  • Fix overwriting etcd data when local subnet file exists by @zhangzhangzf in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1505
  • Update png image files by @atoato88 in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1537
  • ARM64 build fix by @AleksandrNull in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1553
  • Update troubleshooting.md by @sgpinkus in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1550
  • fix document and comment of configuration by @ari1021 in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1555
  • Allow more events to be buffered before the backend starts by @ChenLingPeng in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1352
  • Add modes to the wireguard backend to use a single tunnel for both address families by @sjoerdsimons in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1527
  • Add --iface-can-reach option as new way to decide IF by @takmatsu in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1545
  • Fixed a route conflict bug. by @zhangzhangzf in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1546
  • Add validation that PodCIDR(s) matches the network specified in the net-conf.json by @AlexPykavy in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1556
  • Add note about putting a flanneld binary in /opt/bin by @radiosilence in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1563
  • Upgrade netlink to fix ipsec issue by @thomasferrandiz in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1565
  • Update README.md by @rbrtbnfgl in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1568
  • Upgrade etcd client to v3 by @thomasferrandiz in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1562
  • Fixed wireguard MTU and added windows iface func by @rbrtbnfgl in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1567
  • Update new flannel version by @rbrtbnfgl in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1571

New Contributors

  • @zhangzhangzf made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1505
  • @atoato88 made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1537
  • @sgpinkus made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1550
  • @ari1021 made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1555
  • @ChenLingPeng made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1352
  • @takmatsu made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1545
  • @AlexPykavy made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1556
  • @radiosilence made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1563
  • @thomasferrandiz made their first contribution in https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/pull/1565

Full Changelog: https://github.com/flannel-io/flannel/compare/v0.17.0...v0.18.0


May 26, 2022, 9:16 a.m.
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