Ethereum (Go) - v1.10.6

Geth v1.10.6 is a hotfix release. This resolves a consensus failure on the Ropsten testnet.

Users of Geth on the Ethereum mainnet must upgrade to this release before the London hard-fork activates to remain in consensus. Reminder: the London hard fork is scheduled to occur at block #12965000 on mainnet (~ August 4th, 2021).

More information about the Ropsten incident

During testing of the London hardfork on Ropsten, a consensus failure occurred in block 10679538, leading to a network split between OpenEthereum/Besu and Geth/Nethermind. The block contained a transaction from an account with enough funds to cover the effective fee, but too little funds for the transaction's maximum gas price. EIP-1559 mandates that such transactions should be rejected. Geth's implementation of EIP-1559 did not perform the check correctly and accepted the transaction.

For more information see PR #23244 and the post-mortem writeup.

Other changes in this release

  • Compatibility with old receipt formats stored in the database is restored. This fixes a regression introduced in Geth v1.10.4 for people with very old chain databases. (#23247)
  • A regression for eth_sendTransaction in light client mode is fixed. (#23215)
  • The Go API function Node.Close() has been fixed to stop the WebSocket server correctly (#23211)

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.10.6 release milestone.

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:


July 22, 2021, 2:53 p.m.
Terra Nova (v1.10.6)
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