Erlang - OTP-24.3

 --- HIGHLIGHTS ------------------------------------------------------

  OTP-17455    Application(s): erts, kernel
               Related Id(s): GH-4852

               Add support for using socket:sockaddr_in() and
               socket:sockaddr_in6() when using gen_sctp, gen_tcp and
               gen_udp. This will make it possible to use Link Local
               IPv6 addresses.

  OTP-17812    Application(s): crypto
               Related Id(s): OTP-16282, OTP-16646

               The crypto app in OTP can since OTP-24.2 be compiled,
               linked and used with the new OpenSSL 3.0 cryptolib.

               The crypto app has 3.0 support has been improved, but
               is still *not recommended* for other usages than
               experiments and alpha testing. There are not yet any
               guaranties that it works, not even together with other
               OTP applications like for example SSL and SSH, although
               there are no known errors.

               Since the previous release, OTP-24.2, the following
               improvements have been done:

               - It has been tested during nearly every nightly test
               on the OTP lab

               - The hash algorithms md4 and ripemd160 have been
               enabled with OpenSSL 3.0.

               - The ciphers blowfish_cbc, blowfish_ecb, des_cbc,
               des_cfb, des_ecb, rc2_cbc and rc4 have been enabled
               with OpenSSL 3.0.

               Disabled or unsupported with OpenSSL 3.0 are still:

               - ENGINE support

               - FIPS mode

               - Other providers than the built-in ones

               - Compiling and linking with OpenSSL 3.0 cryptolib in
               compatibility modes (for example to behave as 1.1.1)

               and, the ciphers blowfish_cfb64 and blowfish_ofb64 are
               not supported and will not be either.

               Deprecated functions in the OpenSSL 3.0 cryptolib must
               not be disabled as OTP/crypto still uses some of the
               deprecated API functions. The gcc flag
               -Wno-deprecated-declarations is set to prevent
               deprecation warnings to be printed when compiling.

  OTP-17843    Application(s): erts, kernel
               Related Id(s): ERIERL-732, PR-5611

               By default global does not take any actions to restore
               a fully connected network when connections are lost due
               to network issues. This is problematic for all
               applications expecting a fully connected network to be
               provided, such as for example mnesia, but also for
               global itself. A network of overlapping partitions
               might cause the internal state of global to become
               inconsistent. Such an inconsistency can remain even
               after such partitions have been brought together to
               form a fully connected network again. The effect on
               other applications that expects that a fully connected
               network is maintained may vary, but they might
               misbehave in very subtle hard to detect ways during
               such a partitioning.

               In order to prevent such issues, we have introduced a
               prevent overlapping partitions fix which can be enabled
               using the prevent_overlapping_partitions kernel(6)
               parameter. When this fix has been enabled, global will
               actively disconnect from nodes that reports that they
               have lost connections to other nodes. This will cause
               fully connected partitions to form instead of leaving
               the network in a state with overlapping partitions.
               Note that this fix has to be enabled on all nodes in
               the network in order to work properly. Since this quite
               substantially changes the behavior, this fix is
               currently disabled by default. Since you might get hard
               to detect issues without this fix you are, however,
               strongly advised to enable this fix in order to avoid
               issues such as the ones described above. As of OTP 25
               this fix will become enabled by default.

 --- POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITIES -------------------------------------

  OTP-17928    Application(s): ssh
               Related Id(s): PR-5679

               Improper tag for private ED keys when encoding with

               The tuple had ed_priv as first element, but should have
               had ed_pri. This is now corrected.


March 10, 2022, 8:22 a.m.
OTP 24.3
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