Emissary-Ingress - v2.0.0-ea

:tada: Emissary Ingress 2.0.0-ea :tada:

Emissary Ingress is an open source, Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway built on the Envoy Proxy.

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We're pleased to introduce Emissary 2.0.0 as a developer preview. The 2.X family introduces a number of changes to allow Emissary to more gracefully handle larger installations, reduce global configuration to better handle multitenant or multiorganizational installations, reduce memory footprint, and improve performance. We welcome feedback!! Join us on Slack and let us know what you think.

  • Feature: The Listener CRD allows explicit definition of ports to listen on, the protocols and security model for each port, and which Hosts should be associated with which Listener.
  • Bugfix: requestPolicy.insecure.action works independently across Hosts (#2888)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a regression in detecting the Ambassador Kubernetes service that could cause the wrong IP or hostname to be used in Ingress statuses.
  • Change: Hosts and Mappings will not be associated unless a Host selector or a Mapping's host element explicitly agree.
  • Change: Mapping's host field is either an exact match or (with host_regex set) a regex. Mapping now has a new hostname element that is functionally the same as host, but is always a DNS glob.
  • Change: The tls field on the Ambassador module is now deprecated. Please use TLSContexts instead https://www.getambassador.io/docs/edge-stack/latest/topics/running/tls/#tlscontext.
  • Change: Envoy V3 is now the default.
  • Change: The Host CRD is now required when terminating TLS.
  • Change: The AGENT_SERVICE environment variable has been deprecated.
  • Change: redirect_cleartext_from in a TLSContext is no longer supported -- use an extra 'Listener' instead!
  • Change: prune_unreachable_routes now defaults to true, which should reduce Envoy memory requirements for installations with many Hosts
  • Change: The edgectl CLI tool has been deprecated, please use the emissary-ingress helm chart instead.


June 24, 2021, 10:33 p.m.
Emissary Ingress 2.0.0-ea
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