DevSpace - v2.0.0

Breaking Changes:
- Config was restructured, to allow the configuration of cloud providers & deployments (for more information see below)
- Please reconfigure your devspace with devspace init -r

New Features:
- DevSpace Cloud: Deploy your devspace to the devspace-cloud, if you don't have an own kubernetes cluster. The DevSpace Cloud provides you a free kubernetes namespace that you can use with the devspace cli. To use the DevSpace Cloud simply run devspace init -r on a new project or use one of our examples.
- Optional Kubectl deployments: kubectl apply can be used on specified manifests on devspace up. This is an alternative deployment method to the default helm deployment. This method allows the use of devspace cli without any cluster component such as tiller. (see examples)
- Up & Enter: New --namespace and --labelSelector flag which is used to select the correct pod for opening the terminal
- Up: New --exit-after-deploy flag that allows you to only build & deploy the devspace
- Up: New --switch-context flag that allows you to switch the kubectl context to the specified devspace context
- Add & Remove: New deployment option to conveniently add & remove deployments from your devspace
- Kaniko: caching is now supported, which should speed up kaniko builds


Oct. 19, 2018, 12:44 p.m.
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