Deno - v1.28.1

1.28.1 / 2022.11.16

  • fix(bundle): explicit error when using an npm specifier with deno bundle
  • fix(cli): add a jsdoc tag for UnstableRunOptions (#16525)
  • fix(ext/webstorage): make web storages re-assignable (#16661)
  • fix(install): support npm specifiers (#16634)
  • fix(lock): ensure npm dependencies are written with --lock-write (#16668)
  • fix(npm): don't fail if conditional exports don't contains types (#16651)
  • fix(npm): handle peer dep being resolved without resolved dep higher in tree
    and then with (#16640)
  • fix(npm): probing for files that have a file stem (#16641)
  • fix(npm): properly handle getting @types package for scoped packages
  • fix(npm): support dist tags specified in npm package dependencies (#16652)
  • fix(npm): support non-all lowercase package names (#16669)
  • fix(npm): using types for packages with subpath (#16656)
  • perf(runtime/spawn): collect output using op_read_all (#16596)


Nov. 17, 2022, 1:16 a.m.
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