daytona - v0.7.0

What's Changed

  • fix: logs reader by @idagelic in
  • Fix path by @mattn in
  • chore: readme quick start by @idagelic in
  • feat: serve binaries from the server by @Tpuljak in
  • fix: Use full OutFile flag for powershell 7. by @metcalfc in
  • feat: add verbose support to workspace list by @harkiratsm in
  • chore: update help by @idagelic in
  • fix: go fix run build by @idagelic in
  • chore: run go fmt on the entire package by @Tpuljak in
  • chore: add linter configuration by @Tpuljak in
  • fix: run swagger to update server config by @Tpuljak in
  • fix: change workspace and project api type name by @Tpuljak in
  • chore: PR lint actions by @Tpuljak in
  • daytona prune by @idagelic in
  • feat: provider project start script util by @Tpuljak in
  • refactor: workspace and project logger by @Tpuljak in
  • fix: server daemon foreground logging by @Tpuljak in
  • fix: download url join by @Tpuljak in

New Contributors

  • @mattn made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 22, 2024, 3:47 p.m.
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