Cypress - v8.0.0

Released 07/19/2021


We've made some updates to ensure a consistent run experience across browsers.
Now all browsers run via cypress run run headlessly, with a device pixel ratio
of 1, and a screen size of 1280x720 by default.

Breaking Changes:

Please read our
Migration Guide which explains the changes
in more detail and how to change your code to migrate to Cypress 8.0.

  • When running cypress run previous to 8.0, some browsers would launch headed
    while others were launched headless by default. Cypress now runs all browsers
    during cypress run as headless by default. Addresses
  • The default screen size when running a headless browser has been reverted back
    to 1280x720 pixels (pre 7.0 behavior). Addresses
  • When running the --headless Chrome browser via cypress run, the device
    pixel ratio will now be 1 by default, matching the behavior of all other
    browsers. This behavior can be overridden through the
    browser launch API.
    Addresses #17375.
  • Cypress now enforces version checks for browser launching and will error
    during cypress run and not allow opening the browser in cypress open when
    attempting to open unsupported browser versions. Cypress supports Chrome >=
    64, Firefox >= 86, and Edge >= 79. Addressed in
  • Arguments returned from a chained function will no longer incorrectly be of
    type jQuery and instead have an any type. Fixes
  • The Cypress.ConfigOptions, Cypress.ResolvedConfigOptions and
    Cypress.RuntimeConfigOption types have been updated so that ConfigOptions
    match the JSON schema. Addressed in


  • You can now configure certificate authority (CA) and client certificates to
    use within tests on a per-URL basis via a clientCertificates configuration
    option. See Client certificates for
    more detail.
  • Setting the environment variable ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE now starts Cypress as
    a normal Node.js process rather than an Electron process. See
    Running headless tests without Xvfb
    for more details. Addresses


  • console.log and console.error called within the
    plugins file
    will now be captured in the stdout sent to the Cypress Dashboard, making it
    visible in Output logs in the Dashboard. Fixes
  • There are several fixes for cy.intercept()
  • The times option now works correctly with req.continue. Fixes
  • localhost is now accepted as a valid hostname in the RouteMatcher.
    Fixes #17015.
  • delay now works correctly with a statusCode of 204. Fixes
  • When using the experimental
    Cypress Studio, there should be a
    reduced occurrence of "Studio failed to save commands" error messages. Fixes
  • cy.invoke() now retains the proper this context on
    nested object methods. Fixes
  • We no longer trigger unnecessary snapshot re-renders when hovering over the
    Command Log. Fixes


July 20, 2021, 12:31 a.m.
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