Cypress - v7.6.0

Released 06/23/2021


  • You can now override the default delay between typing characters for .type() with Cypress.Keyboard.defaults() or via test configuration. Addresses #566.
  • The experience when opening a new project via cypress open has been improved. Addressed in #15826.
  • The scaffolded example files have been updated to include examples tests of the TodoMVC project.
  • You can now easily delete all of the scaffolded example files directly from the Test Runner GUI.
  • There's now a button to create a new spec file when no spec files are found in the project.
  • A new onboarding banner with be present with helpful links for new users and new projects.
  • The incoming request object yielded to request handler functions passed to cy.intercept() (req) now has a req.query property, which is a getter/setter for the query parameters on the request URL. Addresses #16327.
  • You can now pass an ArrayBuffer as a request / response body with cy.intercept(). Addresses #16722


  • Cypress no longer hangs intermittently when using webpack 5. Fixes #15447.
  • It is no longer necessary to return the config from the plugins function when using the dev-server:start event for component testing. Fixes #16860.
  • cy.intercept() now correctly sets the response body as a string instead of an ArrayBuffer when it contains multi-byte characters. Fixes #16292.
  • cy.intercept() won't corrupt certain binary responses. Fixes #16722.
  • On Windows, the Cypress executable is now code signed by ", Inc.". This fixes spawn UNKNOWN errors when launching Cypress with code signing required by policy on Windows. Fixes #2543
  • We now warn on EPERM errors when accessing the project directory instead of erroring. Fixes #16933.
  • Cypress now better handles running when browsers with unconventional versions are present on the machine. Fixes #15485.
  • Expanded the types for CyHttpMessages.BaseMessage.headers to support the value being an array of strings. Fixes #16734.

Dependency Updates:

  • Added enquirer dependency. Fixes #16846.


June 23, 2021, 9:31 p.m.
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