Cypress - v1.2.0

Released 12/14/2017


  • Plugins can now return a Promise and modify the yielded config to set new configuration values and environment variables. Fixes #1042 and #909 and #576.
  • There is a new userAgent option in cypress.json. This enables you to change the userAgent of the browser for the entire browsing session. Fixes #364.
  • There is a new blacklistHosts option in cypress.json that allows you to block requests made to those hosts. Blocked requests will respond with a 503 status code. This is useful for blocking 3rd party domains like Google Analytics. We have added a new recipe demonstrating this. Fixes #442.
  • Added chai assertions in TypeScript to generate autocompletion. Fixes #1073.


  • Updated TypeScript definitions to more accurately match the current Cypress API. Fixes #1050. Also note that if you were extending Cypress in TypeScript the Chainer interface changed. Please read 1048#issuecomment-351891910 to understand what you will need to update.


  • Renamed environmentVariables to env in the Desktop GUI. Fixes #1052.
  • Cypress.config() now returns a complete set of configuration values. Fixes #509.
  • Added TypeScript typings for bundled Cypress tools like $, _, etc. Fixes #1046.
  • Some error messages were made more passive. Fixes #1025.

Documentation Changes:


July 19, 2018, 7:40 a.m.
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