Cypress - v1.0.3

Released 10/29/2017


  • The Test Runner now enables you to collapse folders when displaying a list of specs. Fixes #760. Contributed by @metcorne.


  • The onChange event callback for React now works (again) on input type number or email. Fixes #816 and #770.
  • Fixed error when recording and failing to parse the git commit message. Fixes #847 and #841.
  • Using a single space on: cy.type(' ') now works. Fixes #807. Contributed by @tejasbubane.
  • cy.spread() can now be used on a collection of DOM elements. Fixes #735. Contributed by @verheyenkoen.
  • CLI shows help message when it is invoked with an unknown command like $(npm bin)/cypress foo. Fixes #641.


  • Enable passing CYPRESS_RECORD_KEY without using the CLI by invoking the binary directly. Fixes #820.
  • Cypress binaries can now be pointed to a staging environment with CYPRESS_ENV=staging. Fixes #813.
  • The Test Runner displays the scrollbar correctly when the update banner is displayed. Fixes #803.
  • The branch name is now properly collected when recording in Buildkite CI. Fixes #777.
  • You can install the Cypress binary from any URL or file path using the CYPRESS_BINARY_VERSION environment variable. Closes #701.

Documentation Changes:


July 19, 2018, 7:38 a.m.
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