Cypress - v0.19.1

Released 03/09/2017


  • Added Cypress.version property. Fixes #404.
  • Selecting <option> inside <optgroup> now works with .select(). Fixes #367.


  • EMFILE errors have been fixed. These were being caused due to ulimit being too low on your OS. This should fix the file watching problems people were having. Essentially we just replaced fs with graceful-fs and crossed our fingers this works. (It did on our machines). Fixes #369.
  • Now you can select the error text in the GUI. Fixes #344.
  • Cypress now correctly re-bundles files even when watchForFileChanges is set to false. Fixes #446 and #347.
  • Fixed file watching when changing the integrationFolder to something other than the default value. Fixes #438.
  • .select() now works on options that have the same value. Fixes #441.
  • Cypress no longer crashes when you click links in the on-boarding screen called "To help you get started...". Fixes #227.
  • The example_spec.js file that gets seeded on a new project no longer fails on cy.readFile(). Fixes #414.


  • We now preserve the Test Runner's position and sizing after it's closed + reopened. Fixes #443.
  • We now ignore watching node_modules, bower_components and a few other folders to reduce the number of watched files. Fixes #437.


July 19, 2018, 7:35 a.m.
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