Cypress - v0.14.0

Released 03/08/2016


  • This update represents mostly a lot of internal structure changes. We swapped out the underlying Desktop architecture and refactored all of the backend code to prepare for an open-source release.
  • If you choose to install Cypress from the CLI Tool you must update to the latest version 0.9.1. Just run npm install -g cypress and then you can run cypress install. You don't need to do anything if you update from within the Test Runner itself.


  • The Desktop App has been re-skinned with misc GUI enhancements such as help text, popovers, clearer errors, better loading indicators, etc.
  • The Desktop App's file size is now much smaller and unzips much faster. In the next release there will be a special CI build which removes the need to run XVFB.
  • Test IDs have been removed. You will no longer see Cypress insert IDs into your test files. This was a feature we implemented on day 1 - the idea being we could track test performance and do regression analysis. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before we actually implement the data science to make this happen. For the time being, IDs presented unnecessary technical complexity and challenges with no real upside. We recommend you remove all of your existing IDs. We've added a new command to the CLI tool that can do this in one shot. cypress remove:ids You may see IDs be reintroduced at a later time when we provide analytics.
  • .then() now supports a timeout option. Fixes #110.
  • All error messages from using the CLI have been rewritten and improved.
  • Cypress will now automatically prompt you to add a project when using cypress run on a project that has not yet been added.
  • Domain cookies are now proxied better. There's still more work to do before they are 100% fixed but now most typical domain cookie scenarios should 'just work'.
  • We've put together a new example repo called The Kitchen Sink. It demonstrates usage of every single Cypress command.


  • Using cypress run in OSX now works again.
  • Added fs polling support to fix issues where Cypress would not detect file changes.
  • Tests should reload inside of Cypress faster when they are changed.
  • Better error messages when a command times out waiting for a promise to resolve. Fixes #108.
  • cy.viewport('ipad-2') now displays by default in portrait. Landscape orientation is now properly landscape. Fixes #100.
  • .click() will now properly click within an element's bounding box when a position option is passed and the calculated coordinates are a fraction. This previously forced the click to happen outside of the element. Fixes #99.
  • clientX and clientY event properties are now correctly calculated for elements when the page is scrolled. Fixes #98.
  • .check() and .uncheck() now correctly filter down the subject when a value is passed as an option. Fixes #94.
  • The Test Runner will now display your email address when you have not set a name in GitHub.


  • Improved element display in Command Log when multiple elements are part of an assertion. Fixes #96.
  • cy.reload() now returns the window object of the newly reloaded page. Fixes #105.

Known Issues:
- Clicking the 'reload' icon next to a test that does not have an ID will not work anymore. We're reworking this feature to work without the presence of IDs.


July 19, 2018, 7:29 a.m.
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