Cypress - v0.13.7

Released 01/17/2016


  • Prevent error during element stringification on <svg>. Fixes #93.
  • Clarified on errors related to not being able to run in CI. Previously there was a "catch all" error indicating your Cypress API Key was invalid. This was oftentimes incorrect. More specific errors have been added.
  • .type() has been upgraded to handle current selection ranges. Previously if an <input> had a selection range as Cypress began to type, this would be ignored. Cypress now takes this into account and will type over any selected text (as native typing would do).


  • All Cypress related services have been updated to use https. We are forcing https redirects for everything except for, which would be a breaking change. By the next minor release we will force that as well. Once we make this change we will remove all versions below 0.13.7. So make sure you are not locking the Cypress version when running in CI. We periodically remove old Cypress versions which have security flaws and this is an example of one.


July 19, 2018, 7:29 a.m.
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