Cypress - v0.13.3

Released 12/25/2015


  • Merry Christmas everyone ;-)


  • Overhauled the entire subsystem dealing with an element's visibility state. Previously we were simply using jQuery's .is(":visible") selector which was ineffective at truly determining when an element is "visible". Our changes now differ significantly from jQuery, but they match what a real user would consider visible, and the rules are fairly easy to explain. In other words these rules should just "make sense".
  • An element is considered visible if it can be "interactive" with a user. In other words, if the user is able to click, type, drag, or otherwise physically interact with the element it is considered visible.
  • Because of the additional complexities of how Cypress considers an element visible, we now have added the exact reason why an element is not visible when throwing an error. This means you'll see errors detailing whether an element or its parents have display: none, visibility: hidden, or whether an element is considered hidden because its effective width or height is zero. Whatever the reason, Cypress will indicate why your element is considered hidden.
  • Exposed Cypress.Dom.isHidden which holds the logic for determining an element's visibility. Modify this to change the rules.
  • Upgraded .select() to automatically retry when the <select> is disabled, its matching <option> is disabled, or when Cypress cannot find a matching <option>. This more correctly aligns with the behavior of other actions like .click(), which automatically retry until the element is ready to receive the action.


  • Throw on .select() when it cannot find a matching <option>. Also throw when <select> or a matching <option> is disabled. Fixes #91.
  • "Hidden" elements which actually displace height or width are now highlighted when restoring the DOM when a command is hovered.
  • Margin on zero client width / client height is now displayed correctly on command hover and more accurately mimics the way Chrome Dev Tools highlights elements.
  • Using history.back, history.forward, or history.go in CI or in headless mode now works again.


  • The updated hidden rules apply to all assertions like should("be.hidden"), and how Cypress indicates an element is hidden displays in the Command Log.
  • Updated many error messages to be more explanatory and precise.
  • Elements which are stringified during errors now indicate their text content (truncated to 10 characters) <button>Save</button> or whether they contain children elements by indicating an ellipsis <div>...</div>.
  • The Routes instrument panel now displays the column: Stubbed instead of Status, which indicates whether a route is stubbing matching XHR's.


July 19, 2018, 7:29 a.m.
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