Cypress - v0.12.6

Released 11/29/2015


  • There are now Getting Started docs including configuration for cypress.json
  • Cypress now silently restarts the server whenever it detects a change to cypress.json - meaning you no longer have to manually reboot the server for changes to be picked up.
  • There is a new Cypress.config interface - akin to Cypress.env which provides access to configuration values.


  • Setup/Teardown code was not properly running on nested mocha beforehooks which caused the error: The XHR server is unavailable or missing.... Fixes #80 and #86.
  • Prevent accidental mutation of cy.server() options when cy.route() was provided options. Fixes #84 and #85.
  • Using cy.title() would incorrectly search the <body> for title elements, and is now restricted to only searching in the <head>
  • Cross-Origin requests are now proxied by Cypress. In other words their URL's are transparently rewritten which bypasses CORS problems. This is a quick fix which should satisfy most of the problems users were having with CORS requests. However there is a much bigger change coming in 0.14.0 where the entire proxy layer will be rewritten to accommodate CORS, window.fetch and domain cookies flawlessly. As it stands Cypress is prone to errors in complex setups.


  • Exposed visitTimeout and requestTimeout configuration.
  • Increased visitTimeout from 20s to 30s.
  • .click() will now throw if you are attempting to click more than 1 element. Pass {multiple: true} to enable this behavior again. Each element will be clicked serially and inserted into the Command Log.


July 19, 2018, 7:28 a.m.
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