crossplane - v1.3.0

Major Themes

The v1.3.0 release introduces a hotly awaited Composition feature - adds new CombineFromComposite and CombineToComposite patch types that can be used to patch from multiple Composite Resource (XR) fields to a single composed resource field, and vice versa.

Notable Updates

  • - Marks the v1beta1 and API groups as deprecated.
  • - Removes support for the OAM Crossplane extension. We recommend using Crossplane with KubeVela instead.
  • - Adds new CombineFromComposite and CombineToComposite composition patch types.
  • - XRs now continue the reconcile process when they encounter a composed resource that they can't (yet) render.
  • - Adds initial E2E tests for composition!
  • - Increases the resilience of the Crossplane package parser.
  • - Allows kubectl crossplane to wait for operations to complete.
  • - Prevents inactive package revisions from creating resources.
  • - Fixes a bug that prevented the ControllerConfig ImagePullPolicy from propagating to the provider Deployment.
  • - Changes the handling of the package Lock to allow a clean uninstall of Crossplane.


Crossplane manages its own CRDs since v1.2.0, making running helm upgrade the only step required for upgrading to v1.3.0. See the Upgrading Guide for more information.


June 29, 2021, 9:12 p.m.
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