CRI-O - v1.11.7

CRI-O 1.11.7

Welcome to the v1.11.7 release of CRI-O!

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Mrunal Patel
  • Antonio Murdaca
  • Jeff Kowalczyk
  • Urvashi Mohnani


  • 17bfe634 version: v1.11.7
  • e260c91a conmon: fsync the log file
  • 8f4486a2 Merge pull request #1831 from runcom/nodev-1.11
  • 887c2fd3 BACKPORT: Add nodev to options of bind mounts from kube
  • 254b2949 Merge pull request #1812 from runcom/ignore-sigpipe-111
  • 4729aa24 cmd: crio: catch and ignore SIGPIPE
  • 34daacf1 Merge pull request #1843 from mrunalp/fix_sync_test_1.11
  • 715b23d5 Switch to branch with sync test fix
  • 30612047 Increase concurrency to 6 for the tests
  • f219ebbd Merge pull request #1835 from mrunalp/write_stacks
  • dd041e79 Write crio goroutine stacks to a file on SIGUSR1
  • c66d12b2 utils: Add function to write goroutine stacks to a file
  • 55eed59b Merge pull request #1833 from mrunalp/fix_stop
  • 4e17849b Merge pull request #1836 from jfkw/release-1.11
  • 29d6c0a6 Add missing argument to logrus.Debugf() format string
  • 9c40cfd1 utils: Add function to write goroutine stacks
  • cd5e1b0b Don't use runc kill -all
  • 2bf5fe8d Merge pull request #1826 from mrunalp/fix_lock
  • 7f02d440 Use RWLock for containers
  • 3d6cfc41 Merge pull request #1793 from umohnani8/1.11
  • fc78b2ee Merge pull request #1819 from mrunalp/bump_1.11.6
  • 78a73f4f version: v1.11.7-dev
  • 628cc613 Vendor in latest containers/image and containers/storage

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.11.6


Oct. 19, 2018, 7:30 p.m.
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