CRI-O - v1.11.2

Welcome to the v1.11.2 release of CRI-O!

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Antonio Murdaca
  • Daniel J Walsh
  • Eric Ernst
  • Mrunal Patel
  • Valentin Rothberg
  • Urvashi Mohnani


  • 3eac3b23 version: v1.11.2
  • 2d384daa Merge pull request #1745 from mrunalp/fix_reboot_1.11
  • 2b3add56 Revert "server: Don't make additional copy of config.json"
  • 809e6a0d Merge pull request #1738 from vrothberg/cherry-apparmor
  • c9cce840 Merge pull request #1736 from rhatdan/v1.11.1
  • d1135d73 Fix AppArmor build
  • 02dd9bf1 Merge pull request #1734 from mrunalp/low_mem_test
  • 384e2e43 Image Volumes should be bind mounted as private
  • ae280d36 Merge pull request #1732 from mrunalp/update_deps_1.11
  • c90f8f2b test: Add a test for low memory configured
  • 4c7f2993 vendor: Update k8s dependencies
  • c799400c Merge pull request #1723 from mrunalp/check_min_memory_1.11
  • dd46e3ba container_create: Set a minimum memory limit
  • 45f20dda Merge pull request #1694 from umohnani8/1.11
  • df73dffb Add log-level option to conmon and crio.conf
  • c2ac3318 Merge pull request #1708 from runcom/fix-caps-error-invalid-1.11
  • 38de9320 server/container_create: error out if capability is unknown
  • 7d53bc23 Merge pull request #1703 from egernst/kata-priv-1.11
  • 9ad248ce oci: update privilege/trust handling
  • cd1f68f3 Merge pull request #1686 from runcom/bump-1.11.1
  • 2461b3bc Merge pull request #1688 from mrunalp/32_bit_build
  • b66c5672 4294967295 does not fit in an int on 32 bit systems
  • cd4c9170 version: bump v1.11.2-dev

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.11.1

  • 1.0.0 -> f2b4162afba35581b6d4a50d3b8f34e33c144682
  • -> bacd9c7ef1dd9b15be4a9909b8ac7a4e313eec94
  • -> 05fbef0ca5da472bbf96c9322b84a53edc03c9fd


Aug. 17, 2018, 10:25 p.m.
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