Cortex - v1.14.0

This release contains 115 contributions from 28 contributors. Thank you!

Some notable changes release are:
* Remove support for chunks storage
* Experimental support for vertical query sharding
* Enable PromQL @ modifier with negative offset always
* Added configurations for Azure MSI in blocks-storage
* New limits (Querier/QueryFrontend)
* OpenTelemetry Bridge for Tracing
* Multiples performance improvements and bug fixes


  • [CHANGE] Remove support for chunks storage entirely. If you are using chunks storage on a previous version, you must migrate your data on version 1.12 or earlier. Before upgrading to this release, you should also remove any deprecated chunks-related configuration, as this release will no longer accept that. The following flags are gone:
  • -dynamodb.*
  • -metrics.*
  • -s3.*
  • -azure.*
  • -bigtable.*
  • -gcs.*
  • -cassandra.*
  • -boltdb.*
  • -local.*
  • some -ingester flags:
    • -ingester.wal-enabled
    • -ingester.checkpoint-enabled
    • -ingester.recover-from-wal
    • -ingester.wal-dir
    • -ingester.checkpoint-duration
    • -ingester.flush-on-shutdown-with-wal-enabled
    • -ingester.max-transfer-retries
    • -ingester.max-samples-per-query
    • -ingester.min-chunk-length
    • -ingester.flush-period
    • -ingester.retain-period
    • -ingester.max-chunk-idle
    • -ingester.max-stale-chunk-idle
    • -ingester.flush-op-timeout
    • -ingester.max-chunk-age
    • -ingester.chunk-age-jitter
    • -ingester.concurrent-flushes
    • -ingester.spread-flushes
    • -store.* except -store.engine and -store.max-query-length
    • -store.query-chunk-limit was deprecated and replaced by -querier.max-fetched-chunks-per-query
  • -deletes.*
  • -grpc-store.*
  • -flusher.wal-dir, -flusher.concurrent-flushes, -flusher.flush-op-timeout
  • [CHANGE] Remove support for alertmanager and ruler legacy store configuration. Before upgrading, you need to convert your configuration to use the alertmanager-storage and ruler-storage configuration on the version that you're already running, then upgrade.
  • [CHANGE] Disables TSDB isolation. #4825
  • [CHANGE] Drops support Prometheus 1.x rule format on configdb. #4826
  • [CHANGE] Removes experimental flag and stream chunks by default when querier.ingester-streaming is enabled. #4864
  • [CHANGE] Compactor: Added cortex_compactor_runs_interrupted_total to separate compaction interruptions from failures
  • [CHANGE] Enable PromQL @ modifier, negative offset always. #4927
  • [CHANGE] Store-gateway: Add user label to cortex_bucket_store_blocks_loaded metric. #4918
  • [CHANGE] AlertManager: include status label in cortex_alertmanager_alerts_received_total. #4907
  • [FEATURE] Compactor: Added -compactor.block-files-concurrency allowing to configure number of go routines for download/upload block files during compaction. #4784
  • [FEATURE] Compactor: Added -compactor.blocks-fetch-concurrency allowing to configure number of go routines for blocks during compaction. #4787
  • [FEATURE] Compactor: Added configurations for Azure MSI in blocks-storage, ruler-storage and alertmanager-storage. #4818
  • [FEATURE] Ruler: Add support to pass custom implementations of queryable and pusher. #4782
  • [FEATURE] Create OpenTelemetry Bridge for Tracing. Now cortex can send traces to multiple destinations using OTEL Collectors. #4834
  • [FEATURE] Added -api.http-request-headers-to-log allowing for the addition of HTTP Headers to logs #4803
  • [FEATURE] Distributor: Added a new limit -validation.max-labels-size-bytes allowing to limit the combined size of labels for each timeseries. #4848
  • [FEATURE] Storage/Bucket: Added -*.s3.bucket-lookup-type allowing to configure the s3 bucket lookup type. #4794
  • [FEATURE] QueryFrontend: Implement experimental vertical sharding at query frontend for range/instant queries. #4863
  • [FEATURE] QueryFrontend: Support vertical sharding for subqueries. #4955
  • [FEATURE] Querier: Added a new limit -querier.max-fetched-data-bytes-per-query allowing to limit the maximum size of all data in bytes that a query can fetch from each ingester and storage. #4854
  • [FEATURE] Added 2 flags -alertmanager.alertmanager-client.grpc-compression and to configure compression methods for grpc clients. #4889
  • [ENHANCEMENT] AlertManager: Retrying AlertManager Get Requests (Get Alertmanager status, Get Alertmanager Receivers) on next replica on error #4840
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Querier/Ruler: Retry store-gateway in case of unexpected failure, instead of failing the query. #4532 #4839
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ring: DoBatch prioritize 4xx errors when failing. #4783
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Cortex now built with Go 1.18. #4829
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ingester: Prevent ingesters to become unhealthy during wall replay. #4847
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Compactor: Introduced visit marker file for blocks so blocks are under compaction will not be picked up by another compactor. #4805
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Distributor: Add label name to labelValueTooLongError. #4855
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Enhance traces with hostname information. #4898
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve the documentation around limits. #4905
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Distributor: cache user overrides to reduce lock contention. #4904
  • [BUGFIX] Storage/Bucket: Enable AWS SDK for go authentication for s3 to fix IMDSv1 authentication. #4897
  • [BUGFIX] Memberlist: Add join with no retrying when starting service. #4804
  • [BUGFIX] Ruler: Fix /ruler/rule_groups returns YAML with extra fields. #4767
  • [BUGFIX] Respecting -tracing.otel.sample-ratio configuration when enabling OpenTelemetry tracing with X-ray. #4862
  • [BUGFIX] QueryFrontend: fixed query_range requests when query has start equals to end. #4877
  • [BUGFIX] AlertManager: fixed issue introduced by #4495 where templates files were being deleted when using alertmanager local store. #4890
  • [BUGFIX] Ingester: fixed incorrect logging at the start of ingester block shipping logic. #4934
  • [BUGFIX] Storage/Bucket: fixed global mark missing on deletion. #4949
  • [BUGFIX] QueryFrontend/Querier: fixed regression added by #4863 where we stopped compressing the response between querier and query frontend. #4960
  • [BUGFIX] QueryFrontend/Querier: fixed fix response error to be ungzipped when status code is not 2xx. #4975


Dec. 2, 2022, 11:51 p.m.
Cortex 1.14.0
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