Cortex - v1.10.0-rc.0


  • Cortex chunks storage has been deprecated and is now in maintenance mode.
  • Added many new limits, to help protect your installation against overload.
  • The sharding feature in Alertmanager is now considered complete.
  • Added support for ingesting and querying of exemplars.
  • Release now has ARM binaries and packages (but not container images, yet).


  • [CHANGE] Enable strict JSON unmarshal for pkg/util/validation.Limits struct. The custom UnmarshalJSON() will now fail if the input has unknown fields. #4298
  • [CHANGE] Cortex chunks storage has been deprecated and it's now in maintenance mode: all Cortex users are encouraged to migrate to the blocks storage. No new features will be added to the chunks storage. The default Cortex configuration still runs the chunks engine; please check out the blocks storage doc on how to configure Cortex to run with the blocks storage. #4268
  • [CHANGE] The example Kubernetes manifests (stored at k8s/) have been removed due to a lack of proper support and maintenance. #4268
  • [CHANGE] Querier / ruler: deprecated -store.query-chunk-limit CLI flag (and its respective YAML config option max_chunks_per_query) in favour of -querier.max-fetched-chunks-per-query (and its respective YAML config option max_fetched_chunks_per_query). The new limit specifies the maximum number of chunks that can be fetched in a single query from ingesters and long-term storage: the total number of actual fetched chunks could be 2x the limit, being independently applied when querying ingesters and long-term storage. #4125
  • [CHANGE] Alertmanager: allowed to configure the experimental receivers firewall on a per-tenant basis. The following CLI flags (and their respective YAML config options) have been changed and moved to the limits config section: #4143
  • -alertmanager.receivers-firewall.block.cidr-networks renamed to -alertmanager.receivers-firewall-block-cidr-networks
  • -alertmanager.receivers-firewall.block.private-addresses renamed to -alertmanager.receivers-firewall-block-private-addresses
  • [CHANGE] Change default value of -server.grpc.keepalive.min-time-between-pings from 5m to 10s and to true. #4168
  • [CHANGE] Ingester: Change default value of to true. This incurs a small increase in memory usage, between 1.2% and 1.6% as measured on ingesters with 1.3M active series. #4257
  • [CHANGE] Dependency: update go-redis from v8.2.3 to v8.9.0. #4236
  • [FEATURE] Querier: Added new -querier.max-fetched-series-per-query flag. When Cortex is running with blocks storage, the max series per query limit is enforced in the querier and applies to unique series received from ingesters and store-gateway (long-term storage). #4179
  • [FEATURE] Querier/Ruler: Added new -querier.max-fetched-chunk-bytes-per-query flag. When Cortex is running with blocks storage, the max chunk bytes limit is enforced in the querier and ruler and limits the size of all aggregated chunks returned from ingesters and storage as bytes for a query. #4216
  • [FEATURE] Alertmanager: support negative matchers, time-based muting - upstream release notes. #4237
  • [FEATURE] Alertmanager: Added rate-limits to notifiers. Rate limits used by all integrations can be configured using -alertmanager.notification-rate-limit, while per-integration rate limits can be specified via -alertmanager.notification-rate-limit-per-integration parameter. Both shared and per-integration limits can be overwritten using overrides mechanism. These limits are applied on individual (per-tenant) alertmanagers. Rate-limited notifications are failed notifications. It is possible to monitor rate-limited notifications via new cortex_alertmanager_notification_rate_limited_total metric. #4135 #4163
  • [FEATURE] Alertmanager: Added -alertmanager.max-config-size-bytes limit to control size of configuration files that Cortex users can upload to Alertmanager via API. This limit is configurable per-tenant. #4201
  • [FEATURE] Alertmanager: Added -alertmanager.max-templates-count and -alertmanager.max-template-size-bytes options to control number and size of templates uploaded to Alertmanager via API. These limits are configurable per-tenant. #4223
  • [FEATURE] Added flag -debug.block-profile-rate to enable goroutine blocking events profiling. #4217
  • [FEATURE] Alertmanager: The experimental sharding feature is now considered complete. Detailed information about the configuration options can be found here for alertmanager and here for the alertmanager storage. To use the feature: #3925 #4020 #4021 #4031 #4084 #4110 #4126 #4127 #4141 #4146 #4161 #4162 #4222
  • Ensure that a remote storage backend is configured for Alertmanager to store state using -alertmanager-storage.backend, and flags related to the backend. Note that the local and configdb storage backends are not supported.
  • Ensure that a ring store is configured using, and set the flags relevant to the chosen store type.
  • Enable the feature using -alertmanager.sharding-enabled.
  • Note the prior addition of a new configuration option -alertmanager.persist-interval. This sets the interval between persisting the current alertmanager state (notification log and silences) to object storage. See the configuration file reference for more information.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Alertmanager: Cleanup persisted state objects from remote storage when a tenant configuration is deleted. #4167
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Storage: Added the ability to disable Open Census within GCS client (e.g -gcs.enable-opencensus=false). #4219
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Etcd: Added username and password to etcd config. #4205
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Alertmanager: introduced new metrics to monitor operation when using -alertmanager.sharding-enabled: #4149
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_fetch_replica_state_total
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_fetch_replica_state_failed_total
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_initial_sync_total
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_initial_sync_completed_total
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_initial_sync_duration_seconds
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_persist_total
  • cortex_alertmanager_state_persist_failed_total
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Blocks storage: support ingesting exemplars and querying of exemplars. Enabled by setting new CLI flag -blocks-storage.tsdb.max-exemplars=<n> or config option blocks_storage.tsdb.max_exemplars to positive value. #4124 #4181
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Distributor: Added distributors ring status section in the admin page. #4151
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added zone-awareness support to alertmanager for use when sharding is enabled. When zone-awareness is enabled, alerts will be replicated across availability zones. #4204
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added tenant_ids tag to tracing spans #4186
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ring, query-frontend: Avoid using automatic private IPs (APIPA) when discovering IP address from the interface during the registration of the instance in the ring, or by query-frontend when used with query-scheduler. APIPA still used as last resort with logging indicating usage. #4032
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Memberlist: introduced new metrics to aid troubleshooting tombstone convergence: #4231
  • memberlist_client_kv_store_value_tombstones
  • memberlist_client_kv_store_value_tombstones_removed_total
  • memberlist_client_messages_to_broadcast_dropped_total
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Alertmanager: Added -alertmanager.max-dispatcher-aggregation-groups option to control max number of active dispatcher groups in Alertmanager (per tenant, also overrideable). When the limit is reached, Dispatcher produces log message and increases cortex_alertmanager_dispatcher_aggregation_group_limit_reached_total metric. #4254
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Alertmanager: Added -alertmanager.max-alerts-count and -alertmanager.max-alerts-size-bytes to control max number of alerts and total size of alerts that a single user can have in Alertmanager's memory. Adding more alerts will fail with a log message and incrementing cortex_alertmanager_alerts_insert_limited_total metric (per-user). These limits can be overrided by using per-tenant overrides. Current values are tracked in cortex_alertmanager_alerts_limiter_current_alerts and cortex_alertmanager_alerts_limiter_current_alerts_size_bytes metrics. #4253
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Store-gateway: added -store-gateway.sharding-ring.wait-stability-min-duration and -store-gateway.sharding-ring.wait-stability-max-duration support to store-gateway, to wait for ring stability at startup. #4271
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ruler: added rule_group label to metrics cortex_prometheus_rule_group_iterations_total and cortex_prometheus_rule_group_iterations_missed_total. #4121
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ruler: added new metrics for tracking total number of queries and push requests sent to ingester, as well as failed queries and push requests. Failures are only counted for internal errors, but not user-errors like limits or invalid query. This is in contrast to existing cortex_prometheus_rule_evaluation_failures_total, which is incremented also when query or samples appending fails due to user-errors. #4281
  • cortex_ruler_write_requests_total
  • cortex_ruler_write_requests_failed_total
  • cortex_ruler_queries_total
  • cortex_ruler_queries_failed_total
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Ingester: Added option -ingester.ignore-series-limit-for-metric-names with comma-separated list of metric names that will be ignored in max series per metric limit. #4302
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added instrumentation to Redis client, with the following metrics: #3976
  • cortex_rediscache_request_duration_seconds
  • [BUGFIX] Purger: fix Invalid null value in condition for column range caused by nil value in range for WriteBatch query. #4128
  • [BUGFIX] Ingester: fixed infrequent panic caused by a race condition between TSDB mmap-ed head chunks truncation and queries. #4176
  • [BUGFIX] Alertmanager: fix Alertmanager status page if clustering via gossip is disabled or sharding is enabled. #4184
  • [BUGFIX] Ruler: fix /ruler/rule_groups endpoint doesn't work when used with object store. #4182
  • [BUGFIX] Ruler: Honor the evaluation delay for the ALERTS and ALERTS_FOR_STATE series. #4227
  • [BUGFIX] Make multiple Get requests instead of MGet on Redis Cluster. #4056
  • [BUGFIX] Ingester: fix issue where runtime limits erroneously override default limits. #4246
  • [BUGFIX] Ruler: fix startup in single-binary mode when the new ruler_storage is used. #4252
  • [BUGFIX] Querier: fix queries failing with "at least 1 healthy replica required, could only find 0" error right after scaling up store-gateways until they're ACTIVE in the ring. #4263
  • [BUGFIX] Store-gateway: when blocks sharding is enabled, do not load all blocks in each store-gateway in case of a cold startup, but load only blocks owned by the store-gateway replica. #4271
  • [BUGFIX] Memberlist: fix to setting the default configuration value for -memberlist.retransmit-factor when not provided. This should improve propagation delay of the ring state (including, but not limited to, tombstones). Note that if the configuration is already explicitly given, this fix has no effect. #4269
  • [BUGFIX] Querier: Fix issue where samples in a chunk might get skipped by batch iterator. #4218


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scanner: add support for DynamoDB (v9 schema only). #3828
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add Cassandra support. #3795
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scanner: retry failed uploads. #4188


July 21, 2021, 2:28 p.m.
Cortex 1.10.0-rc.0
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