Containerd - v1.6.16

Welcome to the v1.6.16 release of containerd!

The sixteenth patch release for containerd 1.6 includes various bug fixes and updates.

Notable Updates

  • Fix push error propagation (#7990)
  • Fix slice append error with HugepageLimits for Linux (#7995)
  • Update default seccomp profile for PKU and CAP_SYS_NICE (#8001)
  • Fix overlayfs error when upperdirlabel option is set (#8002)

See the changelog for complete list of changes

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Akihiro Suda
  • Derek McGowan
  • Samuel Karp
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • Phil Estes
  • Craig Ingram
  • Justin Chadwell
  • Qasim Sarfraz
  • Wei Fu
  • bin liu
  • cardy.tang
  • rongfu.leng


30 commits

* [release/1.6] Prepare v1.6.16 ([#8016]( * [`d3c595aa3`]( Prepare release notes for v1.6.16 * [release/1.6 backport] Fix tx closed error when upperdirlabel specified ([#8002]( * [`8c704036a`]( Fix tx closed error when upperdirlabel specified * [release/1.6 backport] assorted test-fixes ([#8000]( * [`91a68edd7`]( cri: Fix TestUpdateOCILinuxResource for host w/o swap controller * [`5594f706e`]( Fix TestUpdateContainerResources_Memory* on cgroup v2 hosts * [release/1.6 backport] seccomp updates ([#8001]( * [`7037f5313`]( seccomp: add get_mempolicy, mbind, set_mempolicy, with CAP_SYS_NICE * [`d22919a1c`]( seccomp: seccomp: add syscalls related to PKU in default policy * [release/1.6 backport] Harden GITHUB_TOKEN permissions ([#7999]( * [`8b8a21fe4`]( Harden GITHUB_TOKEN permissions * [release/1.6 backport] assorted updates to Vagrantfile ([#7996]( * [`8009948bb`]( Vagrantfile: fix comments about SELinux * [`550424f92`]( Vagrantfile: install-rootless-podman: remove `setenforce 0` * [`2c32f8559`]( CI: update Fedora to 37 * [`556bb0cc8`]( Vagrantfile: explicitly specify rsync as the shared folder driver * [`edfac1834`]( fix install cni script * [`91d5e53fb`]( Vagrantfile: dump containerd log after critest * [release/1.6 backport] Fix slice append error ([#7995]( * [`ab193eb20`]( pkg/cri: optimize slice initialization * [`e6cf5ec58`]( Fix slice append error * [release/1.6] update to go1.18.10 ([#7992]( * [`6a8a6531f`]( [release/1.6] update to go1.18.10 * [release/1.6 backport] release/Dockerfile: set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive ([#7991]( * [`d0dc7988a`]( release/Dockerfile: set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive * [release/1.6 backport] pushWriter: correctly propagate errors ([#7990]( * [`1584c2581`]( pushWriter: correctly propagate errors * [release/1.6] mod: update ([#7942]( * [`545f22091`]( mod: update

Dependency Changes

  • v1.9.3 -> v1.9.5

Previous release can be found at v1.6.15


Jan. 28, 2023, 6:21 p.m.
containerd 1.6.16
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