Containerd - v1.5.3

Welcome to the v1.5.3 release of containerd!

The third patch release for containerd 1.5 updates runc to 1.0.0 and contains
various other fixes.

Notable Updates

  • Update runc binary to 1.0.0 5552
  • Send pod UID to CNI plugins as K8S_POD_UID #5640
  • Fix invalid validation error checking #5565
  • Fix error on image pull resume #5560
  • Fix User Agent sent to registry authentication server #5533
  • Fix symlink resolution for disk mounts on Windows #5411

See the changelog for complete list of changes

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Derek McGowan
  • Phil Estes
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Mike Brown
  • Wei Fu
  • Cory Bennett
  • Dan Williams
  • Daniel Canter
  • Ethan Chen
  • Kevin Parsons
  • Michael Crosby
  • Quan Tian
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn


29 commits

* [`0e8719f54`]( Merge pull request [#5719]( from dmcgowan/prepare-1.5.3 * [`48d7a5c5c`]( Prepare release notes for 1.5.3 * [`defaec610`]( Update mailmap * [`4b724071e`]( Merge pull request [#5723]( from AkihiroSuda/go1.16.6-15 * [`43d089233`]( integration/client: go mod tidy * [`ac7bd5483`]( Update Go to 1.16.6 (cont.) * [`385d9ed00`]( Update Go to 1.16.6 * [`911cd5725`]( Merge pull request [#5715]( from dcantah/backport-hcsshim-0.8.18 * [`d4afc8222`]( Merge pull request [#5718]( from thaJeztah/1.5_backport_docker_push_close_body * [`a695a0704`]( [Vendor] Update hcsshim to 0.8.18 * [`0515f9d2d`]( Fix missing Body.Close() calls on push to docker remote * [`9be04c276`]( Merge pull request [#5650]( from thaJeztah/1.5_backport_bump_runc * [`78b95dff2`]( update runc binary to v1.0.0 GA * [`9b7142598`]( Merge pull request [#5643]( from dcbw/15-cni-plugin-pod-uid * [`a2dc682f1`]( sandbox: send pod UID to CNI plugins as K8S_POD_UID * [`8098a6e61`]( Merge pull request [#5634]( from thaJeztah/1.5_backport_inline_statatimeastime * [`9d8880816`]( content/local: inline sys.StatATimeAsTime() * [`116b2e066`]( Merge pull request [#5598]( from povsister/release/1.5 * [`d8b66825e`]( Merge pull request [#5593]( from tnqn/release/1.5 * [`3735a7dfe`]( Fix incorrect UA used for registry authentication * [`31ecdf77d`]( Fix cleanup context of teardownPodNetwork * [`f5f2b68b5`]( Merge pull request [#5596]( from estesp/go-for-proj-1.5 * [`b441ec19f`]( Add proper Go version before project checks * [`bf16e9e92`]( Merge pull request [#5581]( from mikebrow/cherrypick-#5565-release-1.5 * [`d31f5e6b6`]( fix invalid validation error checking * [`9a573903b`]( Merge pull request [#5567]( from estesp/cp-5560-1.5 * [`3fd01c4ea`]( Change Wrapf of non-error to an actual error * [`d1119dc60`]( Merge pull request [#5537]( from kevpar/symlink-1.5 * [`cba7b44b6`]( windows: Use GetFinalPathNameByHandle for ResolveSymbolicLink

Dependency Changes

  • v0.8.16 -> v0.8.18

Previous release can be found at v1.5.2


July 13, 2021, 9:13 p.m.
containerd 1.5.3
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