CNI Plugins - v1.3.0

This release introduces a new plugin: tap. Thanks to @mmirecki for contributing this

New features:
- (#784). tap: This PR adds a plugin to create tap devices.
- (#829). bridge: add vlan trunk support
- (#875). bridge: Add parameter to disable default vlan
- (#814). macvlan: Add support for in-container master
- (#813). ipvlan: Add support for in-container master
- (#781). vlan: Add support for in-container master

- (#880). bridge: read only required chain on cni del instead of the entire ruleset
- (#873). bridge, spoof check: remove drop rule index

Bug fixes:
- (#892). sbr: Ignore LinkNotFoundError during cmdDel null
- (#887). ptp: Fix ValidateExpectedRoute with non default routes and nil GW
- (#885). tuning: fix cmdCheck when using IFNAME
- (#831). Fix overwritten error var in getMTUByName
- (#821). Only check or del ipv6 when an IPv6 is configured


May 9, 2023, 9:04 p.m.
CNI Plugins v1.3.0
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