Cilium - v1.2.0-rc3


André Martins (3):
      pkg/envoy: update generated files
      pkg/node: add Public Equalness checker
      daemon/k8s_watcher: ignore irrelevant node updates

Daniel Borkmann (1):
      bpf, doc: rebase bpf doc from master into v1.2

Eloy Coto (1):
      Test: Upgrade test update stable image to v1.1

Ian Vernon (6):
      daemon: move restoring of endpoints to start after Kubernetes watcher starts
      daemon: block until initial policy list
      test/k8sT: add more logs to narrate progress of ChaosTest
      test/helpers: change parameters for WaitForKubeDNSEntry
      test: add additional WaitForKubeDNSEntry checks
      test/k8sT: move DNS checks outside of loop

Joe Stringer (9):
      bpf: Reduce the number of supported prefix lengths
      bpf: Relax verifier in CT lookup drop case
      ipcache: Split prefix length limits by protocol
      bpf: Pack ipv6_ct_tuple to match Golang
      ctmap: Add accessor method for path per endpoint
      daemon: Upgrade CT map properties on startup
      daemon: Refactor health endpoint cleanup code
      daemon: Remove health-ep before deleting its devices
      daemon: Remove health-ep on controller stop

Ray Bejjani (4):
      daemon: fqdn.DNSPoller interval exposed as a const
      policy: Add runtime tests for ToFQDN rules
      Test: Fixup formatting in ToFQDNs test Expects
      Test: Ensure ToFQDNs test waits for DNS poll

Romain Lenglet (5):
      kafka: Properly set (non-)nullable arrays in synthesized responses
      test/runtime/kvstore: Wait for Cilium to be ready after restarting
      test: Add a description to every Cilium restart check
      kafka: Update parser to pull "Fix de/serialization of null arrays"
      controller: Log the DoFunc and update times

Thomas Graf (7):
      node: Fix panic when node store is not initialized yet
      bpf: Report dst identity in drop notifications
      launcher: Wait for process to exit and release resources
      k8s: Use server version instead of ComponentStatus to check health
      agent: Do not replace node routes if they already exist
      route: Fix route replacement logic for IPv6
      Prepare for 1.2.0-rc3 release

Release binaries

Release binaries


Aug. 13, 2018, 7:49 p.m.
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